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In Town

Sections of Town

  • Angel Head Heights is controlled by the Centaur Row Gang, a bloodthirsty pack of scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells.
  • Song Bank is the place where gangs of youths gather to taunt each other or show off their bravery.

Noteworthy Streets

  • Viper Row is a place full of beggars and thieves.
  • guisarme Stand is controlled by the Stinky MawJabber, a bloodthirsty pack of scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells.

Open Areas

  • Wolverine Garden is primarily a military drill and parade ground.
  • Drake Stray is a popular picnic-ground.

Buildings of Note

  • Lion Chateau is being rebuilt after a devastating fire.
  • Cartbourne Brewery is being rebuilt after a devastating fire.

Outer Defenses

  • Grey Barracks has the smallest gateway into the city, barely large enough for a horse and rider.
  • Springtowndon Ramparts has a gate that is barred and locked from dawn until dusk.

Shipping Facilities

  • Nottingfair Crane is near Sad Pullet Inn & General Store, famous as the home of Centipede Waster Brew!.
  • Diamond Pier has the best views in town.

Near Water

  • Wealth Well is the best place to watch the sunset in summer.
  • White Bridge is where families go to feed the ducks and swans.

Religious Buildings

  • Shadow Deanery is dominated by an enormous white marble statue of Trismanuel Oditor the Candidate, a standard-bearer in the 64th Cavalry Division. He is depicted in a well-known statue about the time he clandestinely attacked a patrol of Northlanders to shield his town from their constant raids.
  • Eagle Priory is primarily a military drill and parade ground.

Places of the Dead

  • Ghoul Catacomb is contested territory between Sodality of the Imperial Meditation and the Flounder Place Gang.
  • Chosen One Mausoleum is haunted by the restless dead - even the brave do not venture there after dark.

Taverns & Inns

  • Gorden's Festhaus, famous for its Slow-Roasted Pigeon
  • The Quiver and Fly, famous for its Pastry-wrapped Game Hen
  • Free House of the Chain and Brazier, famous for its Battered Fried Rabbit
  • The Two Leopards, famous for its Turkey
  • Panerra's Bar & Grill, famous for its Slow-Roasted Elk
  • The Anvil and Flag, famous for its Glazed Quail

Other Points of Interest

  • Hydra Harbor is near the rowdy bars that only sailors frequent.
  • Skipfieldwick Span is a popular fishing spot.
  • Devastation Forum is contested territory between the Bunhurst Way Gang and Association of the Stolen Snake.
  • Reaping Butcher is being rebuilt after a devastating fire.
  • Manticore Mill is now home only to rats and squatters.
  • Umber Marketplace is a popular meeting place for the young, stylish, and wealthy.
  • Silver Graveyard is famous for containing the remains of Saint Idus.

Outside of Town


  • A manor house where they raise chickens. In addition to a mottle-and-daub farmhouse with thatched roof, there is a stable, a mill, a mill and a well-manicured ornamental garden.
  • A farmstead where they raise goats and ducks. In addition to a small stone farmhouse, there is a chapel for worshipping mainly Chauntea and Pelor, a smokehouse, and a livestock enclosure.
  • A farmstead where they grow barley and raise beef cows. In addition to a large manor house surrounded by a moat, there is a granary.
  • A farmstead where they grow wheat and oats. In addition to a collection of peasant houses, there is a woodshed, a well-manicured ornamental garden, a tool shed and a druidic stone circle.

Other Points of Interest

  • Sorcerous Canal
  • Old Woolcasteriam Steppe
  • Ankheg Quarry
  • Worleigh Ridge
  • The Point of Forgotten Dreams
  • Chilwoldstan Moors
  • Sin Headland
  • Hippogriff Marsh


This town was created because a metal mine is located nearby (trade). The town was built around a Church.

Local Customs

  • “The Ancients teach us at the onset of puberty of a young man everyone in the village should jump over a fire.”
  • “It is expected when an father is bested in single combat for a villager to participate in a wrestling match with a blindfolded woman.”
  • “You are obliged at any Equinox or Solstice to dance naked around a fire and for a priest to perform a particular dance on behalf of those present.”

Recent News

  • “Jaycarr Tirvere, a brown-haired scholar, has decided to leave town forever.”
  • “The Fortunetellers Brotherhood are throwing a gala to celebrate 100 years since its founding.”
  • “Sennacherib, the guild master of the Fellowship of Goldsmiths, has decided to leave town forever.”
  • “Services will be held for the late Hamall Øgmundsin, a tearful king, at Harpy Parish.”
  • “There will be a ceremony at Portwickhall Park marking the dedication of a new illuminated book commemorating Bedenard of Cartburn, a marshal in the 391st Archers Battalion. He secured his place in history when he bravely defended against a tribe of remorseless sahaugins and was easily recognizable because he rode a griffon into combat..”
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