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 +====== COMBAT MANEUVERS ======
 +|Block|½|0|0|Block,​ abort|
 +|Brace|0|2|half|+2 vs. Range Mod.|
 +|Disarm|½|-2|0|Can disarm|
 +|Dodge|½|—|3|Abort,​ vs. all attacks|
 +|Grab|½|-1|-2|Grab two limbs|
 +|Grab By|½|-3|-4|Move and Grab|
 +|Haymaker|½|0|-5|x1.5 Attack Damage |
 +|Move By|½|-2|-2|STR/​2 + v/5|
 +|Move Through|half|-v/​5|-3|STR + v/3|
 +|Set|Full|1|0|ranged attacks only|
 +|Strike|½|0|0|STR or weapon|
 +|Blazing Away|½|0|0|make as many attacks as desired, only hit on 18|
 +|Club Weapon|½|0|0|Killing weapon does equivalent Normal damage|
 +|Cover|½|-2|0|target held at weapon point|
 +|Dive for Cover|½|0|0|moves character, abort|
 +|Hipshot |½|-1|0|+1 DEX only for purposes of Initiative|
 +|Hurry|½|-2|-2|+1d6 DEX, only for purposes of Initiative|
 +|Pulling a Punch |½|-1/​5d6|0|Strike,​ normal Stun damage, ½ BODY damage|
 +|Rapid Fire|1|-2/​x|x½|Make multiple ranged attacks|
 +|Rolling With a Punch|½|-2|-2|“Block” after being hit, take ½ damage, ABORT|
 +|Snap Shot|1|-1|0|lets character duck back behind cover|
 +|Suppression Fire|1|-2|0|continuous fire on hex(es), must be autofire|
 +|Sweep|1|-2/​x|x½|make multiple hand-to-hand attacks|
 +====== COMBAT MODIFIERS ======
 +===== Range =====
 +^Rand Modifier|0|-2|-4|-6|-8|-10|
 +===== Target Size =====
 +^Size^1/8 Human^1/4 Human^1/2 Human^Norm Human^2x Human^4x Human^8x Human^
 +^Size Modifier|-6|-4|-2|0|+2|+4|+6|
 +For called shots, see [[Hit Locations]]
 +===== Other =====
 +|Concealment|Roll hit locations to see if cover is hit, or character. |0|0|
 +|Cooridnated Attack| Combine damage for the purpose of calculating stunning. |-|-|
 +|Multiple Attackers| +1 OCV/​attacker,​ after the first; must coordinate. |Varies|0|
 +|Off Hand |Character attacking using off hand. |-3|0|
 +|Spread Attack |To hit one target |+1 OCV/-1 DC|-|
 +|Spread Attack |To hit multiple targets. -1 DC per additional hex targeted|-|-|
 +|Surprised |In Combat| -|x1/2|
 +|Surprised |Out of Combat. 2x STUN| -|x1/2|
 +|Surprise Move |GM Decides if move counts as surprising. | +1 to +3|0|
 +|Target a Hex |Must hit hex DCV: 3; 0 if Adjacent|-|-|
 +|Target Prone |May get concealment | -|x1/2|
 +|Thrown Weapon|Unbalanced and Unaerodynamic object |-4 |-|
 +|Thrown Weapon|Balanced or Aerodynamic object |-2 |-|
 +|Thrown Weapon|Balanced and Aerodynamic object |0 |-|
 +|Unfamiliar Weapon |Character lacks appropriate Weapon Familiarity |-3 |0|
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