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Wemb's crossing isn't what you would call a village… however it has a lot of amenities for the otherwise small size of the settlement.

Wemb Farmstead

This plantation not only grows massive amounts of barley, the work of the two dozen inhabitants, but the Wemb family also owns a large flock of sheep. The farmstead is right by the crossroads for which the area is named, at which is a statue of a famous soldier, Emedes Rowaor. Bards still sing the tale of his exploits defeating the elves of the woods leading the “Serpents of Battle” Chosen Infantry Detachment. And of how he stopped an invasion of the desert tribesmen from the south.

Friar's Hood Tavern & Inn

Charmooralina Fanarya (female), is the Proprietor of the extensive set of buildings that is the Friar's Hood Tavern and Inn, just diagonally across the crossing from the Wemb Farmstead. In addition to the Tavern and Inn being two separate buildings, there is a large stables, a smithy, and a small chapel (where one Friar resides and holds services). All of which are contained by a wall that connects the buildings together, creating a secure inner courtyard. Many adventurers seeking to make their fortunes come to this place from far away lands, and the rumor trade abounds. Local guides make fair coin off of guiding such individuals to the various sights of High Rainvale.


  • pomegranate juice
  • Brandy
  • broth
  • Celenrell's root ale
  • red grape Lager Ale


  • baklaba - pistachios and honey pastry
  • Broiled Coney stuffed with Cabbage
  • Spicy Goat Sausage stew on a bed of Deep-fried Pumpkin, served with a small helping of Seared Kid
  • Breaded Turkey special
  • Poached Sweet Potatoes with Wine reduction sauce

Other Services

For a small fee, the tavern will provide:

  • Private Room

Rooms are available here by the day or by the week:

  • Private Room with a View
  • Common Room

The Inn also has available:

  • Weapon Sharpening
  • Horse Grooming
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