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A scene for Karbon Play Test Solaris. Scene 3, Episode 1.


Chris' agenda: Mazda, mysterious agency foil, has been tagged by surveillance entering the Number 1 Happy Noodle Factory. A known front for the Yoshida crime family.

Chris as Narrator.

Chris framed the scene.




»» K-Zon looks over Mac's shoulder as he watches the factory across the street from the window of an abandoned building. Hank has taken up a post in the alleyway down below. From both these vantage points can be seen small security cameras and Yoshida family enforcers making leisurely circuits about the factory grounds.
<K-Zon> A directive from the
<K-Zon> Supervisor comes across your Omnis….
<&Mac_McGowan> Mac adjusts the zoom on his Spectra glasses, a stylish model more for show than function. “These things never focus right. Damn.”
<&Mac_McGowan> <Hank, whats our move.>
»» K-Zon chews on his bottom lip as he watches the factory.
<K-Zon> <This doesn't feel right…>
<Hank_Williams> <I haven't located any weak spots in their surveilance yet. Any info on any more incoming traffic?>
»» &Mac_McGowan looks about from the high vantage point
<&Mac_McGowan> <Nothing on visual. Should we go active and hack the wire for the straight dope?>
<Hank_Williams> <Well then, nothing else seems to be going on right now.>
<Hank_Williams> <I'll take a quick peak>
<K-Zon> Hank makes a soft link to the traffic cams in the area. About a block away are two Number 1 delivery trucks. Looks like they're making their way back to the factory.
<Hank_Williams> <Two trucks, about a block away, looks like they're heading this way>
<&Mac_McGowan> <We going to hijack them Boss?> He grins.
<K-Zon> <Are we go?>
<Hank_Williams> <I'll stop them at the next road crossing, and we'll hop on there. >
<Hank_Williams> <Move out>
<&Mac_McGowan> <Moving to your coords. Roger.>
»» K-Zon follows on Mac's six.
<Hank_Williams> <The doors are open boys, get in front >
»» Hank_Williams mutters to himself “I hope they never learn that the first 2048 digits of pi backwards is not a good password.”
<&Mac_McGowan> Mac leaps off a fire escape, and runs through some muck, finally hopping into the truck.
»» K-Zon slides into the truck a moment after Mac.
<&Mac_McGowan> “Ok, so we going to sneak in?”
<&Mac_McGowan> “Whats step 2: ? before step 3: Profit?”
<K-Zon> The autovans continue their route, eventually coming up to gates of the factory.
»» K-Zon ducks down as the van approaches the gate.
<&Mac_McGowan> Mac lights up a cigar and crouches out of immediate sight.
<K-Zon> The gate monitor scans the van codes, accepts them, and the gates swing open and allow the vans passage into the factor grounds.
<K-Zon> The vans follow a path that takes them around towards the rear of the factory, where a large bay door stand open ready to receive them.
<&Mac_McGowan> Mac waits to hear a response from Hank and realizes he isn't in the same truck. He comms instead. <Next step?>
<Hank_Williams> <Stealth exit, on my signal>
<&Mac_McGowan> *to K* “This guys thinks I got stealth.” Mac blows a puff of smoke out of his cigar.
<K-Zon> “This is probably a good time to tell you: I don't smoke.”
»» K-Zon coughs
<&Mac_McGowan> “You do now.”
»» &Mac_McGowan smiles wryly
»» K-Zon gives Mac a narrow stare.
»» &Mac_McGowan waits for the signal
»» K-Zon tenses for a quick dash.
»» Hank_Williams waits for a moment, checking that there is nobody around the parked trucks, and then gives the signal to exit the trucks, head inside and to move along the western wall
<Hank_Williams> <Kay, run an H2IK sequence on the security feeds, look out for the loaders heading our way>
<Hank_Williams> <Mac, go through the Hunter-9 protocol to deal with Mazda's sniffer spiders. You can never be too careful.>
»» K-Zon clings to the West wall, puts two fingers to his temple out of habit, and proceeds with the H2IK sequence.
»» K-Zon checks his surroundings while running the sequence and does a double take when he looks at Hank. Something… abnormal catches his attention, and checking the bioscans he can see that Hank's brain activity is off the charts. Kay stumbles through the rest of the H2IK sequence, not sure at all what that bioscan means. Not sure he wants to know.
»» K-Zon waits for Hanks next order, and keeps his eyes peeled.
<&Mac_McGowan> Mac wonders what is going on, puts his cigar out but runs some attack routines for Hank in his spare time.
»» Hank_Williams easily dodges the digital security hounds patrolling the area, throwing of a couple of decoys to distract them. Unfortunately, one of them lands a bit too close to Mac…
»» &Mac_McGowan forces his attack routine helping Hank to destroy the virtual hound, but it just swallows it and leaps on him!
<&Mac_McGowan> His omni crackles a bit in his pocket as the system sends back a scramble from his feed right into his brain
»» &Mac_McGowan twitches a bit
»» K-Zon watches the other agents twitching in various ways and starts to reconsider taking this job.
<K-Zon> The group moves through the complex eventually coming to a corridor that isn't in the blueprints. At the end of the corridor is a very plain looking door.
<K-Zon> The security tracking puts Mazda somewhere on the other side.
»» &Mac_McGowan thinks he smells chocolate, just like his mother used to make. “You smell that?”
<K-Zon> <Stay focused. You two are giving me the willies.>
»» Hank_Williams closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Images from hundreds of security cameras flood his mind, and he easily finds his target.
»» Hank_Williams smiles a cold smile and whispers to his companions “Mazda is finishing of a catalan and a mocca latte. She has no idea we're here.”
<&Mac_McGowan> <Is there chocolate in that mocha latte? I smell chocolate…>
<K-Zon> <Lets get into a secure position and set up some surveillance. This place give me the creeps.>
<Hank_Williams> <You see those yellow crates over there? That's a nice hiding spot as any around here.>
<K-Zon> .
<K-Zon> .
<K-Zon> .
<K-Zon> After digging in and essentially taking over the Yoshida security system, as well as usurping a few of Mazda's spiders, the agents find the link they for which they were looking. As they watch, Mazda heads into an undocumented lower level of the factory where she seems to be inspecting a manufacturing progress. This one not so happy as the noodle business…
<K-Zon> There are scores of biodigital labs where technicians seem to be building the parts and organs for Karbon assembly.
«— Hank_Williams (~Silver@MagicStar-4147C0C0.cust.tele2.se) has Quit (Connection reset by peer)
—» Ximni (~Silver@MagicStar-4147C0C0.cust.tele2.se) has Joined #indie_nar
»» Ximni is now known as Hank_Williams
<Hank_Williams> Changing all the passcodes for the factory to an alphabetical listing of all former Venezuelan presidents was easy. Making complete copies of all the available information about the secret facility was easy. Hacking the automated cargo loaders to recreate the dance scene from the Michael Jackson video Thriller to facilitate their escape was easy. It was all almost a bit too easy…
<Hank_Williams> Hank did not doubt that the Programs take-over of the factory would be easy too. Not that Hank cared, he would never participate in it. He had done what he needed to, and he had gotten what he wanted. And nobody knew about it…

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