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General Premise A

Part of Rays of Hope.

Concept: “Keeping the secret of the way to the new world from the bad guys.”

The way to New Alderaan is through a Sky Bridge wormhole. It can only be opened with a technique requiring Force Deep Sensing talent, developed by Mar Godo. Currently ships going in and out of New Alderaan as Mothma Protectorate (MP) only. This means at least they know “roughly” the secret, but the MP aren't the bad guys.

Savoy Tomac on the other hand, pretty bad guy. He has sent someone to the station to find and maybe recover Sule Kinall (for a handsome bounty). If enough information about New Alderaan spills his way, it is center it'll catch his attention. At the moment, New Alderaan is widely considered a long-shot and a scheme by the MP to gain support of the people.

Deng Typho while not the guy to sell the info to the bad guy, might pass it off to the wrong guy at a great price who later sells it to a bad guy. His position at the MP, though low-level gives him access to a lot of data.

Dash Pavan security commander of the station is the guy setting the protocols, defending the information. He is a veteran, and quite capable. Are his measures enough?

Charity Darkmire has a strong desire to see New Alderaan, but has yet been allowed through the Sky Bridge. She has honor, but would she give in and trade information if it helps her to attain her goal?

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