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  • Adventurer (starting level): Kathrri (5, Force Sensitive)
  • Species: Togorian
  • Player: Sabe
  • Appearance: A Wookiee-tall, long-limbed feline humanoid with buff-colored fur, long claws, and amber eyes. The fur is long enough to provide modesty on its own, but for courtesy she typically wears a tunic+loincloth setup in blue or black, accompanied by a harness and tool belt to help carry gear. (She's got jumpsuits, but finds them uncomfortable for all-day wear.)
  • Background: Starry-eyed slicer from Togoria, cut adrift when her mentor Ral Gannett was nabbed by bounty hunters.
  • Personality: Desires adventure, but overwhelmed at how quickly she's been plunged into it. Vacillates between caution and enthusiasm.
  • Quote: “We never had these back home!”
  • Connection(s): Tronce_Porto (New Boss, Friend)


3d Dexterity 1d Knowledge 3d Mechanical 2d Perception 4d Technical
– Blaster – Aliens – Astrogation – Bargain 5d Computers
– Dodge – Bureaucracy 3d+2 Beast Riding – Command – Demolition
– Heavy Weapons – Cultures – Driving – Con – Droids
– Melee – Languages – Starship Gunnery – Gambling – Medicine
– Thrown – Planets – Starship Piloting 2d+2 Hide & Sneak – Repair
– Unarmed – Streetwise 4d Starship Systems – Search – Security


3d Body 2d Force 3d Genius
3d+2 Athletics – ~talent~ – Insight
3d+2 Brawling – ~talent~ – Invention
– Lifting – ~talent~ – Mechanical
– Stamina – ~talent~ 4d Technical
– Swimming – ~talent~ – Schemes
– Toughness – ~talent~ – War

Condition / Status

XP > Flow > Body Drain (3D) Force Drain (2d) Genius Drain (3d)
1 3
  • XXP (eXpended XP): 3
  • Condition…

Flow of the Force

  • If the adventurer's Flow is below 3, Flow costs 1 XP each (ignore normal buying rules).
  • The first time you use Charity to gift another Flow in a scene, it costs 1 for 1.

Notable Gear/Equipment

  • AI Hacking Deck “Mardra”
  • Ral's Heavy Blaster
  • Light Starship Repair Kit

Contacts, History

  • Contact/Note/etc…
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