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  • Adventurer: Mar Godo (5, Force Sensitive)
  • Species: Mirialan
  • Player: Shreyas
  • Appearance: TBD
  • Background: Mar Godo grew up a spice trader on Mirial, his species homeworld. After becoming aware that he was force sensitive, he went out into the galaxy to learn more about his newfound abilities.
  • Personality: Mar is a little soft from city life, so this adventure has been tough on him. Lots of his skills don't apply out here in the galactic wilds!
  • Quote: TBD
  • Connection(s): TBD


3d Dexterity 3d Knowledge 2d Mechanical 4d Perception 1d Technical
– Blaster – Aliens 2d+2 Astrogation 4d+2 Bargain – Computers
– Dodge 3d+2 Bureaucracy – Beast Riding – Command – Demolition
– Heavy Weapons 3d+2 Cultures – Driving – Con – Droids
3d+2 Melee – Languages – Starship Gunnery – Gambling – Medicine
– Thrown – Planets 2d+2 Starship Piloting – Hide & Sneak – Repair
– Unarmed 3d+2 Streetwise – Starship Systems – Search – Security


2d Body 4d Force 2d Genius
2d+2 Athletics 4d+1 Sensing 2d+1 Insight
– Brawling 4d+1 Deep Sensing – Invention
– Lifting 4d ?influence – Mechanical
2d+1 Stamina – Technical
– Swimming – Schemes
– Toughness – War

Condition / Status

XP > Flow > Body Drain (3D) Force Drain (3d) Genius Drain (2d)
7 1
  • XXP (eXpended XP): 3
  • Condition…

Flow of the Force

  • If the adventurer's Flow is below 3, Flow costs 1 XP each (ignore normal buying rules).
  • The first time you use Charity to gift another flow in a scene, is costs 1 for 1.

Notable Gear/Equipment

Contacts, History

  • Sule Kinall - Training him in the force.
  • Cait Mothma - Has a deal with him to all the MP to use the Sky Bridge, in return for a stake in the operation of The Gate station.
  • Charity Darkmire - Discovered Mar when exiting the Sky Bridge and the reason the MP got involved in this whole deal.
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