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  • Adventurer (starting level): Tronce Porto (7)
  • Species: Human
  • Player: Mike
  • Appearance: See pic lower right
  • Background: A human intelligence officer and ground infantryman for the rebellion, after the war Tronce went to ground to avoid meeting many of his enemies. He's since formed a bit of an antiquities trading network, and runs it out of the back office of his bar on the station by the Skybridge.
  • Personality: Taciturn and thoughtful
  • Quote: “You didn't hear this from me, but…”
  • Connection(s): Mar Godo


3d+1 Dexterity 4d+2 Knowledge 2d Mechanical 5d Perception 3d Technical
3d+2 Blaster – Aliens – Astrogation 5d+1 Bargain – Computers
– Dodge 5d Bureaucracy 3d Beast Riding 5d+1 Command 3d+1 Demolition
– Heavy Weapons – Cultures – Driving 5d+1 Con – Droids
– Melee – Languages – Starship Gunnery – Gambling – Medicine
– Thrown 5d Planets – Starship Piloting 5d+1 Hide & Sneak – Repair
3d+3 Unarmed 5d+2 Streetwise – Starship Systems 5d+1 Search 3d+2 Security



4d Body 2d Force 4d Genius
– Athletics – ~talent~ – Insight
– Brawling – ~talent~ – Invention
– Lifting – ~talent~ – Mechanical
– Stamina – ~talent~ – Technical
– Swimming – ~talent~ 4d+2 Schemes
– Toughness – ~talent~ – War

Condition / Status

XP > Flow > Body Drain (?D) Force Drain (?d) Genius Drain (?d)
5 1
  • XXP (eXpended XP): 1
  • Condition…

Flow of the Force

  • Special rule…

Notable Gear/Equipment

Contacts, History

  • Deng Typho - Tronce's low level contact in the MP.
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