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SPECTER - 10K80 Universe

Specter is a role-playing game taking place in the far future, in a galaxy far away, where humankind is rising from the ashes of a terrible tragedy. It is a game of survival in a sprawling universe full of wonders to explore. If you can imagine a world were energy itself has been mastered and you can pull a spaceship out of your pocket, get ready to blast off!

10K80 (year 10080) is a sprawling universe spread across a galaxy far removed from our own in a time far from now. To keep it relatable though, it extends a lot of the base scifi concepts of the seventies and eighties. The information here is purposefully incomplete and it meant to be stubs to inspire players to breath life in to their own version of this wondrous place.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke @

Over thousands of years humankind spread life across the myriad worlds of their galaxy. Once they perfected Lite, an energy source they could merge with their very own substance they attained a new level of technology once only dreamed of in the most fevered mind. Nigh immortal, indestructible (by our limited standards), and able to use fully disposable items of immense power, their culture ran across known space. In this time before, things were good. But like all things, it came to an abrupt end. The Hyperion humans developed the Nexus and it was their undoing. Looking for a source of even more energy to attain an even higher level of existence, they created their own Hypergiant Star and called it Nexus. At this moment, around the star, a rift formed and let in Life Crystal from another dimension. Drawn to Lite, and driven to consume it, Life Crystal destroyed almost all of humankind and their domain. Very few the billions of humankind survived, protected by an advanced Spirit known as Aegis. Over the years Aegis was consumed by Life Crystal and Specter was born. Neither Life Crystal or Spirit anymore, but something greater, Specter has now turned its eye to the galaxy and begun to awake long dormant humankind. With the ability to cloak Lite from Life Crystal, these few remaining of humankind now step into a new realm, very different from what they left behind… a galaxy filled with danger and wonder.


_ Aegis

_ Hyperion

_ Humankind

_ Life Crystal

_ Lite

_ Lite Gear

_ Nexus

_ Specter

_ Spirit

Known Universe

The New Cultures

“The only universal message in science fiction: There exist minds that think as well as you do, but differently.” Larry Niven @

With no exception, all of the new cultures of 10K80 are machine life, born from the remains of Humankind, Aegis, and Life Crystal.

_ The Ants and their Network

“It has yet to be proven intelligence has any survival value.” Arthur C. Clarke

The Ants are a collection of hive-mind machine life which formed from what was left of the automated systems of Humankind. Twisted a bit by life crystal, each Ant is 500 meter look metallic beetle with many drones that cling to its surface. All Ants are linked together in a hive-mind, are both space-faring and capable of planetary flight, and the progenitors of the Network. Each Ant is a very powerful platform used for maintaining and expanding The Network. However each has no thought of it's own, it merely runs the program issued to it by the hive-mind. The mind has no core, but exists deep within the communication protocols of The Network.

The Network links all core worlds of the Known Universe. It consists of Ports, each a large space station that allows Ants to jump between them. Since Ants have large hollow spaces to carry cargo, Ant jumping is the primary way to get between worlds. You have to wait for a jump though, as you can't direct an Ant's motion.

_ The Bunnies

Rampant across the stars, Bunnies are the bulk of the new denizens of the universe. Wherever there is Network, there will be Bunnies. Each Bunny is a mechanical creature 6 to 36“ long, and operates in both a bunny mode where it runs and hops, and a human mode where it stands up bipedal. There are 4 species of bunnies, known as The Four, The Five, The Six, and The Seven. Each species has a thumb and a number of fingers equal to its name. The Four have a somewhat human hand, and the other with more digits as their name suggests. Each Bunny is cloud stored in the Network, but just base code. So after a fashion they aren't easy to destroy. If a Bunny dies it simply loses its memories and will get rebuilt by the network, starting with its base code again, not unlike being reborn.

Bunnies live in loose family networks of 8-28 (4d6+4) called Fluffles. They have ~human level intelligence and love to tinker with antworks, most are known to have annoyingly chipper personalities. They are a pacifist society and embrace trade and haggling - bartering their antwork creations across all Networked worlds.

_ The Cyclops

_ The Gorgons

_ The Kobol

“I don not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.” - Isaac Asimov

The Kobol are a race of human-likes that have one primary goal: Build the most advanced computer possible. Physically the Kobol are machine life in the form of human children with both long pointy ears and hair in vibrant colors. Revived Humankind have been known to call them mad scientists, for they are not afraid of pushing the limits of common conventions.

_ The Satyrs

_ The Triton


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