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Long ago, man built an amazing civilization, the one Plato recalled as Atlantis, and ancient Mesoamericans as Mu. This civilization created fantastic developments, and knew the ways of magic well. Their great cities dotted the landscape, and they had mastery over the world.

But they were full of hubris, and wrought their own demise as a result of certain of their own great works. A cataclysm occurred, and the entire civilization sank beneath the waves. It did not, however, perish. Instead this sinking was magical, and separated these now “sunken” lands from those we know. The civilization did not escape unscathed; in fact it was effectively destroyed by this event. Monstrous beasts, once held in check by the powers of this once-great civilization, now roamed the lands accosting the people freely. The people of the sunken realm had to hide in caves or whatever they could find, and eked out a very meagre living for centuries. Somehow small groups of people here and there managed to survive.

Now civilization has emerged once again in the sunken lands, though only barely. People have emerged from the caves to rediscover their world. Some tribes of men have formed new cities on the rubble of the ancient ones of their forebears. Others have remembered the secrets of taming the monsters. Yet others are busy rediscovering various forms of magic, and the gods that their ancestors worshipped. A few have even discovered that there are other worlds that can be visited by means of gates, including the Underworld, the Water Vault, and others.

Your organization is a small settlement, band, or a cult, or the like, seeking to grow it's power and presence in this sunken realm.

Organization Setup

An organization has the following:

  • Power Play Points
  • Scale
  • Scope
  • Aspects
  • Assets

Each is explained below.

Power Play Points (PPP)

An abstract expression of power for the organization, these have various uses. Your organization starts with 10 of these, which can be spent on purchasing specializations for assets, or held for later use. They are abbreviated hereafter as PPP.


Scale Skill PointsOrganization ScaleAsset PointsDescription
Multi-world1040 A civilization spanning multiple worlds.
Worldwide9 36A civilization spanning an entire world, or an organization that spans more than one world.
Regional8 32 A civilization spanning an entire landmass of a world, or a colossal organization found across an entire world.
Colossal7 28A large region or empire of millions, or an enormous organization with locations worldwide.
Enormous6 24A small region or kingdom of hundreds of thousands to millions, a huge organization.
Huge5 20A large province, small country or massive city-state of several tens of thousands to possibly over one hundred thousand.
Large4 16A small province, or a small city of possibly over ten thousand.
Medium3 12 A religion, guild, or town of a few thousand people.
Small2 8A large settlement or small guild or organization of a few hundred people.
Tiny1 4A company, village, or organization of around 50- 100 people.

For purposes of play, each organization will start out at Small (2).



Each organization has certain assets that fall into the below categories:

Control (Region)

This asset represents how much overt control the organization has over an area, usually in the form of institutionalized rule. Default: +0 in location of organization headquarters; -3 elsewhere.

Control Specializations


You can place a stronghold anywhere within your scope, gaining a +1 Control bonus in that area. This specialization may be taken multiple times.


The organization has strong traditions, receiving a +2 Control bonus as long as it does things “the traditional way”.

Sway (Region)

This asset represents non-institutional power over an area, such as respect, fear or other appropriate motivations. Like Control, Sway is obvious. Default: +0 in location of organization headquarters; -3 elsewhere.

Why take Sway instead of Control?

The biggest difference between Sway and Control is responsibility. Control is appropriate for ruling bodies tied to the region they control, whereas Sway provides some amount of power, but isn’t responsible for the affected region.

Sway Specializations

Communications Network

The organization has networks of criers, bards, travelling players, evangelists, etc, and gains a +1 Sway bonus.

Fearsome Reputation

The organization gets a +2 Sway bonus as long as it acts according to its fearsome reputation. This can’t be used if the organization is trying to project a positive image.

Influence (Region)

This asset represents how much secret sway the organization has in the region. It works like Sway, but without any obvious link back to the organization. Default: +0 in location of organization headquarters; -3 elsewhere.

Influence Specializations


You have a secret cell representing your chosen agenda somewhere in the region under influence. For a PPP, you may declare a Highlight or Emergency Scene of your design.


The region under influence is dependent on your organization in some way, giving you a +1 Influence bonus.

Power Behind The Throne

You have agents in the highest levels of the region’s organization. Once per session, you may automatically succeed in an Influence manoeuvre.

Information (Region)

This asset represents knowledge of current events in the region, most appropriate for organizations with decent intelligence and espionage arms. Default: +0.

Information Specializations

Network of Spies

You gain a +1 Information bonus for any information that might be of interest to spies.


Chroniclers and annalists keep records of everything that happens in the region. You get a +2 Information bonus relating to any “historical” or “unusual” events more than a year old.

Arms (Type)

Many organizations have armed forces, whether a few guards or vast fleets and armies. The asset level roughly represents size and quality; organizations with more than one military arm (such as land- or sea-based) select this skill more than once to indicate the relative strength of each. Default: -3.

Arms Specializations


You bolster your armed forces with conscripts, giving your organization an additional Physical stress point. This may be taken multiple times up to your organization’s scale.

Elite Forces

You gain a +1 bonus to any special operations or fleet and army level conflicts.

Resources (Type)

These are physical resources the organization can bring to bear. “Type” is often “money”, but could be trade commodities, natural resources, unusual services, land rights, etc. Default: +0

Resources Specializations


Once per session, you can tag a subordinate organization as an aspect, demanding tribute for a bonus or re-roll on a Resources check.


Your organization has issued letters of marque, tax-farming charters, etc, and has a +2 Resources bonus for any easily- portable resources.

Hidden Channels

Your organization can come up with the goods when it counts, though how it does it is a mystery. Once per session, for a PPP, you can gain a Resources bonus equal to your scope.


This skill measures how unified the organization is, higher levels indicating less internal strife. High unity organizations tend to be more stable. Default: Mediocre (+0).

Unity Specializations


You have a noted and charismatic leader, giving you a +1 Unity bonus.


Your organization has a patron deity, and gains a +2 Unity bonus in any endeavour which is “holy” in the eyes of the Godhead.


The larger the organization, the more resources it needs to commit to keeping itself in order. This skill measures how effectively that’s done. Default: Mediocre (+0).

Administration Specializations


Your organization has a literate and highly-organized structure, giving you a +1 Administration bonus.


By sheer force of dictat, your organization can pay a PP to ignore a Composure consequence for one exchange, or until you take another consequence, whichever comes first. You may keep spending PPP in this way; when you run out, or choose to stop spending them, all the consequences come to bear at once. If that includes more than 3 consequences, you’re taken out, even if the attacking organization has been defeated in the meantime!


This asset measures how effectively information is communicated within an organization. For a small organization, this skill may be irrelevant, but for a large one it can be critical. This skill can complement the Information skill. Default: +0

Communication Specializations

Magical Communication

Your organization uses magic to enhance its communications, ie with Weather Wizards using Wind Words, telepath networks, etc. You gain a +2 Communication bonus as long as it’s a private communication, ie intended for a handful of people at most.

Special Messengers

You have special messengers like dragons, flying couriers, signal pyres on mountain tops, etc, set up to communicate messages of great import. As long as it’s a short, powerful message (say, 10 words or less), once per session you can spend a PPP for an automatic +5 result on your Communications roll.

Good Courier Network

Your organization has a network of stagecoaches, runners, mounted couriers, etc, providing a +1 Communications bonus.


This asset measures how good the leaders, politicians, princes, ambassadors or embassies are at negotiating with other organizations. Default: +0

Diplomacy Specializations

Kick-ass Reputation

Your organization has a reputation for tough and uncompromising action, providing a +1 Diplomacy bonus.


Requires Kick-ass Reputation \\Your organization gains a +2 Diplomacy bonus when it ignores moral concerns in pursuit of diplomatic goals.

Backed by Resources

Your organization can bring immense resources to bear. You may complement your Diplomacy with Resources, and use Resources manoeuvres for Diplomacy bonuses. For a Fate point, you may use Resources instead of Diplomacy.

Iron Hand in Velvet Glove

Your organization is happy to apparently concede and compromise as long as it gets its own way in secret. You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy as long as the outcome appears to be to your opponent’s advantage.

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