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The city of Atlan is the only known center of civilization at that start of play. Having been only a fishing village some 12 years ago, it has since grown into an impressively large city. However it's people are disorganized, and they have not explored further than the Starting Limits of Knowledge, and the city is starting to experience the stresses of having too much populace in one place. Many in the city murmur that somebody should take charge and head the city towards exploring out. But older and more conservative elements in the city are still the fearful tribesmen they were in their youth, who fear to tread far from the safety of their bolt caves, lest they get eaten by monsters.

The most forward-thinking thing the populace has managed to come up with to do as a community is to build a wall around the city to protect it from smaller monsters. Though this will take a very long time at the current rate.

Size: 4

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