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The Tomb of Horrors

The chronical of our adventurer's likely futile attempts to find and destroy the foul sorcer Acererak (or what remains of him) in his tomb located in The Vast Swamp, south of the Kingdom of Sunndi.

The Kingdom of Sunndi

Sunndi is located just north of The Vast Swamp, and surrounded by highlands. All waters from Sunndi eventually drain into The Vast Swamp. Before the Great War, the Kingdom of Sunndi was a County, theoretically a vassal state of the Great Kingdom. In practice Sunndi has been independent of the Great Kingdom for a long time, banding with the Iron League to defend itself against their former overlords.

Sunndi Details

Index of Sunndi

The Vast Swamp

The Vast Swamp, sometimes called the Great Swamp, has been a stagnant, brackish blight on the southern border of Sunndi since that land was first settled. Bullywugs, trolls, and other evil humanoids are a constant threat, and desperate outlaws of many races frequently use the swamp as a base of operations for their banditry.

The Vast Swamp Details



The following characters have met their fate in the tomb:

  • Darziw, Mighty Wizard (NPC Roster Number 1) - slain by Large Asps in the Chest Room
  • Randal the Fighter (NPC Roster Number 4 - was 3) - slain by Large Asps in the Chest Room
  • Dwarf, the Dwarven Warrior and Thief (NPC Roster Number 8) - slain by Large Asps in the Chest Room
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