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'Pangledon' is a word that means 'the five seas.' It describes the area of Great Lakes Basin in Ge. Kairos is the dragon that lives in the area, hidden and manipulating events.

Around 11500, a great queen Layla rose in the eastern areas of the Pangledon. Through diplomacy and conquest, and with the assistance of the wizard Albraxas, she began creating an empire.

Kairos noticed this, and began influencing a warlord in the western areas, Tirene.

It was 11524 when Layla's empire met Tirene's empire. The battle of Tirene raged in 11525, when both fought over the small barony of Soren.

During the battle, Kairos arranged for Albraxas to be 'lost'. He exiled the wizard to Earth, a world he knew was bereft of magic. Albraxas showed up on Earth in its year 1961. He ended up in Saul Ste. Marie.

Meanwhile, in Ge, the disappearance of Albraxas left a power vacuum. Layla was weakened. She, and those loyal to her, fought valiantly, but in the end Soren is where her Empire fell.

Tirene forced Layla to marry him, by sword. He chose the family name Pangledon to signify his new dynasty.

Tirene chose the barony of Soren to be the new capital of his empire, as not only was it the site of his victory, but also it was central to the area.

They had three children: Soren the first born sylph son, Tarona the second born goblin daughter and Ivo the third born human son.

The year is now 11563. Tirene died several years hence. Layla is fighting to reclaim the throne. But Soren and Tarona are following in their father's footsteps (influenced by Kairos) and have asserted that they are the rightful rulers. Only Ivo remains loyal to his mother, and he is leading a rebellion against his siblings.

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