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A run of the Brazen Epoch rules.

What the Oracles Saw

  • A tender of war-bulls, shaved-headed and fearless.
  • A hard-won victory, with many dead on both sides.
  • A slight and subtle demon, child of blasphemy, craving mischief.
  • A court dandy, casually cruel, exiled from the presence of the prince for a petty slight.
  • A monstrous saurian, white belly raking the brush while its serrated back-bone rises higher than a man can reach, one of many in the forest, too large to kill and determined to feast.


The dramatis personae of the game.

Player Characters

GM Characters

  • Prince Julan Tarvudel - Ruler of Nugror
  • Prince's Courtiers -
  • Esafaris of Woehal - Dandy who was exiled from the court of the Prince for having insulted him.
  • Battle Veterans of the Prince's Army -
  • Woodsman -
  • Acheriote - the tribe that fought the Prince's forces. A few remnants of their force are haunting the area near the woods.
  • Chrindolis - mercenary Acheriote shaman hired by Esafaris to summon Niazhar.
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