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Interactions with the Cryptic Alliances


The PC will have a contact, a Badder named Eli, who will speak to the PCs before heading out. He will ask that they steal any small artifacts or android parts encountered and bring them to the Archivist lair.

Oracle Taken!

When a very stealthy rat-kin known to the PC steals the Oracle, does the PC help or hinder them? When captured, does the PC free this ally?

Brotherhood of Thought

The Brotherhood has little influence in the peninsula region, due to the relative strength of opposing alliances. At best some are willing to give a nod to egalitarianism, but most range from intolerant to downright chauvinistic. And in any case, are not willing to believe in this sort of secularism, instead being adherents to Dowin for the most part.

An exception to this is in the area known as the Flourishing Land, where the ideas of the brotherhood have caught on with the majority of the population.

The contact for any of the brethren is a sentient tree named Ash, who travels a lot and has met Melir. His directives are to make friends with all new folk encountered, and bring thinking beings together. A request comes from Melir last second to have the PCs go ask Dowin to contact him. A link through the oracle will be fine, but requires a “ritual” (aligning with a moon station receiver that Melir is using to send/recieve) to accomplish.

Note that these signals are being recorded in the moon-base data-banks, and Ra will have access to them if awakened.


The Meadow Folk subjugate Brutorz, but clearly they’re sapient to some extent. Free them? What about telepathic Podogs? At what point is a being “thinking”?


Find any deactivated brethren, and bring them to somebody who can help. Funnel other resources their way. The local created have an odd relationship with Dowin, seeing the pylon-god as holy, but flawed. As such, they feel that they need to take things into their own hands.

Droid in the Sand

The hand of a deactivated android is sticking out of the sand. How to get it out without giving away that you’re a created yourself?


An encountered android is really annoying. Deactivate it? Reprogram it?

Followers of the Voice

Dowinists (even other Pylon god followers) will be told by their most trusted spiritual advisor that they should follow the directives of the Oracle, and ensure that nothing happen to it! Follow Crowsis’ advice… as long as it’s not heretical.

Friends of Entropy

Mess everything up. Most importantly, destroy any artificial life. Don’t get caught unless it’s worth it.

The Truth

When it’s revealed that an alien plague is partly behind the formation of Armageddon and the Red Death, does the PC stick with it?


Be on the lookout for healing artifacts or natural remedies, and do your duty to heal anybody who needs it.


PCs come upon this dangerous plant… but healers know that it can be made into a miraculous remedy. Stop to get it? Worth the risks? Is it worth risking harm to people to get something that is for healing people?

Iron Society

Try to antagonize or even kill any PSH's encountered.

Knights of Genetic Purity

The Purists are very strong in the peninsula, with a particular slant that they see their own tribes as “more pure” than those in other regions (perhaps not wanting to be associated with the defeat of the Kingdom of Purity during the Purification War). To a large extent, this movement is fostered by a specific Dowinist myth, that being that they are descended from “The First One,” making them a people who came from Dowin.

Try to antagonize and even kill any mutant humans encountered. The contact is the Captain of the Patrol, who will engage KoGP PCs in the attempt to get a war going between Highvale and the Red Arrow Tribe, with promises that the PCs doing so will be moved to Meadow Village with a nice place there if things go really well.


The seekers have set up a few outposts in the peninsula, and have occasional recruits, but are generally seen as interlopers. Conflicts frequently break out between Seekers, and forces (often Purist) that are influenced by the Restorationists.

Seeker orders are to convert others to your way, and make sure that artifacts are destroyed, or at least not brought back.


Bathe in some glorious radiation, and bring back something radioactive. One of the other NPCs being tested will be a contact, as they, too, are newly fledged believers in the power of the holy rays.

Ranks of the Fit

Dominate the others, and funnel resources to your contact in Pebble Dwelling so they can be shipped off to the south for the effort, in order to gain standing within the ranks.


Be on the lookout for artifacts, and be sure that they get back into the right hands. Watch out for Archivists or Created or others who would shunt resources off for other purposes.


Make contact with Loo Pers, and offer an alliance by promising a share in ruling the peninsula once the Meadow Folk are overthrown. Note that this is Sirocco’s goal, no matter who else is on board… but Sirocco will let any PCs involved handle it so as to be able to keep focusing on leading the expedition, and to maintain plausible deniability if the others are caught. Also Lupines have it out for Katkin, so he’d rather not deal with them directly.

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