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Basic Info

Name: Zin
Type: Mutant Plant Merchant
Pronouns: zi/zem/zis/zinself
Age: Not much. Possibly 2x the duration of our lil trade alliance.

Destiny 4


  • 5 Physical Strength (PS)
  • 8 Dexterity (DX)
  • 6 Constitution (CN)
  • 8 Intelligence (IN)
  • 5 Mental Strength (MS)
  • 10 Charisma (CH)


  • 4 Photosynthetic Skin
  • 6 Manipulation Vines
  • 5 Regeneration
  • 2 Pollen Cloud
  • 1 Berries


  • 2 Merchant - “I've got just what you need!”


  • 6 Amazing Compact Portable Cookstove!!
  • 5 Whirling Death Disc?!
  • 7 Bag of Unidentified Scavenged Goodies

Uncemented Bonuses

  • +3 bargaining goodwill with the beetle caravan




What sort of beings were the character’s parents or creators?
Where was the character born or created?
Was the character born with mutations?
Where was the character raised?
Who taught the character what they know?
What beliefs was the character taught?
What did the character learn in order to survive?
Did the character have any good or bad experiences with any cryptic alliances?
Has the character ever visited any ancient ruins?
Has the character actually ever fought anybody, and if so, how did that end?
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