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In this RPG you play characters who orbit around a very perceptive detective, and through play resolve both a mystery and the story that surrounds it.

The Detective

The player create a detective. Consider the following three things when creating a detective:

  • Methhod - The way in which the detective tends to solve crimes: Superior Deduction, Ridiculous Schemes, Appears Bumbling, Mad Science, Eidetic Memory, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Lie Detector, Speaks to the Dead
  • Quirks - Something that complicates the detective's attempts to solve crimes: Alcoholic, Blind, Irresponsible, Child, Megalomaniac, OCD, Shut-in, Blonde, Arrogant, Jerk, Shy, Shut-in
  • Assets - A thing or skill that the detective calls on at times to help solve crimes: Cool Car, Special Lab, Wealth, Pack of Ragamuffins, Gadgets, Fame, Luck, Humanity, Network of Informants, Supercomputer

Also select a sex and name for the detective.


Each player selects one character type:

  • Sidekick
  • Bumbler
  • Foil
  • Person of Interest
  • Distraction

Playtest: Consulting Detective

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