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Name: Alex Raiss

Sex/Gender: Cis AFAB



  • Str: 4
  • Int: 5
  • Agi: 4
  • Con: 3
  • Edu: 8
  • Cha: 9
  • Wil: 5
  • Emp: 2

Passion: 3


  • Background: Parents are “corporate employees”. Not sure exactly where in the hierarchy. It wasn't discussed, but it can be said that they often had many bigwigs at their house for parties and such.Buys into the whole corporate life message fed to the world
  • School or Career: Graduated from college with a bachelors in Journalism. Hired on with corporation in LA.
  • Advanced Schooling or Career: Advanced into a higher position in the corp media life. Trusted “Investigative” journalist
  • Investigated too deeply into Vishanti Corp and saw some things she shouldn't have
  • Was “hired” and flown to Chicago headquarters by Tojicorp. “hired” meaning her parents got her the job so she wouldn't be killed in LA
  • Recently was investigating a “terrorist” attack in the city and experienced things that are making her question the reality she has been told
  • Exposure to whatever she saw triggered previously unknown empathic powers.


(distribute 45 points between skills and gear, based on how they were obtained from each phase).

  • Acrobatics 1
  • Act/Bluff 6
  • Business 2
  • Computer Op 2
  • Disguise 3
  • Foreboding EMP 2
  • Human Emp EMP 4
  • Interrog 5
  • Leadership 2
  • Luck 4
  • Melee Cmbt 2
  • Navigation 1
  • Observation 6
  • Persuasion 3
  • Psychology 1
  • Stealth 2
  • Tracking 2
  • Vehicle Use 1
  • Cool 2


(distribute 15 points to gear. Points not spent on gear may be spent on skills instead, but they may not stack higher than the limits that the skill would have given how many phases it was obtained in.)

  • Electric collapsible baton 3
  • Chip that, when inserted into electronic device, stealthily bypasses any surveillance protocol (hidden in watch) 3
  • High level access Corporate credentials that grant access to places many can't go. 4


(The player may select one contact from each phase of their development, related to that phase. These may be held until after generation to be fleshed out at need, and where plausible.)

  • Owner of a speak easy that is home to many underground individuals.
  • Former Journalist professor who happens to live in Chicago who I was the star pupil
  • Incredibly friendly coworker who keeps offering to accompany me around town


(replace the placeholders below with any ongoing hinderances carried by the character)

  • Bruised Wrist 1
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