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Below are the details of the Spivey case, as related by Marshall Deering:

  • Billy Ray Spivey (Spivey going forward) is the son of Rich and Angel Spivey.
  • Spivey vanished eight days ago From the home of his parents just south of Alton. He returned six days ago, dazed and with no knowledge of what had happened. He was ill and in a great deal of pain. His parents put him to bed and had the local doctor examine him. He found only that Billy Ray was in inexplicable pain and stress. The boy demonstrated a remarkable appetite, never hesitating to eat anything that was offered to him. He had no bowel movements and didn’t urinate during this time, as far as his mother recalls.
  • Four days ago Spivey went into some sort of a fit. His father attempted to hold him down and quiet him; Spivey punched his fist right through his father’s chest, killing him nigh instantly. Apparently distraught, Spivey then fled the house and took off running down the road towards town.
  • In Alton, he robbed the Sinclair Gas Station of $95 and several packages of aspirin. He also took the cashier’s car and sped off down Hwy
  • In the next several days, Spivey raced into Arkansas and then into Texas. Those who encountered him said he was manic, with no real sense of what he was doing. At the gas stations he robbed, he always took money, food, and an assortment of pain killers.
  • After the cashier in the recording died in Arkansas, Marshall Deering got involved, and realized there was something seriously wrong going on.
  • At a roadblock in Texas, a couple of state troopers shot Spivey four times, after he bend the trooper’s riot gun in half. The four bullets were barely enough to drop him. He was then taken in, drugged, and examined.
  • Analysis has shown that the muscle tissue in his arms and legs have been entirely replaced with strange tissue that, while mimicking human muscle tissue, also possess a number of non-human characteristics.
  • Spivey possesses tremendous muscular strength. But his skeletal structure seems to have remained unchanged, so that while he is theoretically strong enough to pick up a car and throw it, his bones would break before he could lift it very far.
  • Further examination has found evidence of extensive surgery, revealed by numerous scars all over his arms and legs. These scars are not visible to the naked eye, as the incisions seem to have been closed witht eh same non-human material as replaced the muscle.
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