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Mostly NPCs that are associated with the player characters personally or professionally, outside of the Empathic Underground.

Friends, Family and Acquaintances


Owner of a bar with no name (and not much decor, either) near Mai's office. The few people who know of the bar refer to it simply as Marcus'.

Pic of Marcus on the wall of his bar, circa 2016 (he's older and balder now, but still has the same expression):



A romantic interest of Leo's acquaintance. Met at the Craft Bar where she seems to hang out quite a bit.



New bartender at the Craft Bar with a unicorn tattoo, who seems to be interested in Mai.


The Prophet

Painter of wall art in the Craft Bar neighborhood.


An example of his art (this was the piece he did near the Craft Bar, which he thought had captured Mai's soul).

Joshua "Lemmy" Lemmins

A former colleague of Ezra's at the University, who currently works at the Field Museum.


Beauregard Newton

A friend of Mai Lewandon from the old neighborhood who does odd jobs tracking things down with his dog Wilsie.


Mabel Bishop

Ezra's mother, and an IT professional with TojiCorp.

DEA Folks


Leo's IT contact in the DEA. Leo owes him for doing surveillance on Dr. Lindsey MacAllister.


Dr. Lindsey MacAllister

Psychiatrist who works at Leo's DEA office. Possible mole.


Chief Rory Sullivan

Leo's current boss, in charge of the task force that's trying to figure out what's happening with The Serpent gang, and whatever they're brining in from Asia.

Ricardo "Rico" Stewart

Another agent that works with Leo.

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