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The Destined are the heads of much of the organized crime in Chicago, and apparently hold this position in part due to their members known as the “Adepts” who are empaths (mostly sorcerers).


Rumored to be the leader of the Destined, and also rumored to be either a massively powerful sorcerer, or a darkling (or both).


Mr. Humbert

A.K.A. Belial to his trusted employees and friends. Manager of the Doomsday Club, a nightclub located below the Chicago Club (which is apparently the HQ for the Destined). Banished to the dimension of the Black Chamber at the Battle of the Industrial Lot.



A woman who works at the Chicago Club and hangs out with Sahasradala. Banished to the dimension of the Black Chamber at the Battle of the Industrial Lot.



An accountant who works for the Quateros gang, funneling money up to the Destined. Go Mai and Leo in contact with Humbert originally.


Belial's daughter, and Seebach's patient. Also apparently not alive, but still walking around, until the attempted healing of her at Resurrection Cemetery, where she lost control and tried to eat Ezra.


Lt. Jorge Rodriguez

Police officer with Chicago PD. Attacked a couple of years ago by some creature that left wounds on him the will not heal. Seeps blood constantly. He was healed temporarily, but seems to be getting worse again. Obsessed with trying to find out how to heal himself or get revenge on The Destined. Working now with the empathic underground.


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