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Deck Builder Resolution System

Largely inspired by Levi Kornelsen's resolution system Schema along with deck resolution mechanics by Dave Michalak


When a conflict begins, the player whose character is involved builds a deck comprised of the positive outcomes which their assets might provide, called “benefits,” to which the opposition player (GM or whomever) adds “dangers.” Once built, the player then draws a number of cards each round of resolution, and resolve all of the drawn cards. The player and the opposition player should narrate the their interpretation of the results of the draw. The player may then proceed to another round, or declare the resolution to be complete.

Card Types


Benefit Card Types


This card can be used to cancel any other danger that occurs during the draw, or to slow the pace of the resolution by one.


The effects of your actions last longer, or create ongoing trouble for your opposition.


Your actions create a benefit or bonus, or grant some other assistance to your allies. (May need to eliminate)


Your actions create a stir, aggravating or impressing some subject of your choice.


Things are going your way for some reason. If the contest goes another round, the player can hold this card and use it to negate two negative cards in the next draw.


You are especially observant in your action, learning something of importance that can be learned during the conflict.


Your action will affect more subjects, a wider area, or is otherwise undertaken more grandly, if you succeed.


Your actions take place in a much shorter span than others would expect. Counters a delay drawn in the same round.


Your actions appear other than they are, whether by being hidden or disguised in some way.


The character takes a stride towards their goal. If the conflict ends with the player holding more advance cards than the opposition, they obtain their primary goal for the contest.


This card can be used to resist any injury from the same draw. If the player has two toughness cards from a previous draw, these can be used to cancel an injury from a later draw.

Obtaining Benefit Cards for the Resolution Deck

For each level in the character's ability that applies to the resolution, they can pick one card of any sort, except for toughness.

For each level in the character's defensive ability, they can take one toughness card.

For any gear that applies, put the relevant cards for that gear in the deck.


Danger Card Types


Draw additional cards until a danger card is drawn. If the player draws any positive cards, determine randomly which one of them applies and the others have no effect.


More time is used up than might be expected. Use Peril instead if a delay would cause a new danger to appear.


Something (you, your target, or your aim) winds up somewhere other than planned


Cancels the effect of the next positive card drawn. Can be cleared out by resting between conflicts, but otherwise are retained if drawn, and added to every following deck.


An item or resource you have is broken or lost or used up entirely.


You are out of the action, and need assistance to get free (or survive).


This card or another is reshuffled back into the deck when this is drawn to represent the danger posed by the new condition. This card is then noted in the injuries section, and then added to every deck where the injury in question would matter, until the injury is healed. An injury card being drawn again after a first one often represents the injury getting worse. A good technique is to alter the addition of injury cards and others to represent other affects of the injury.


Something happens to cause the conflict to cease immediately, and it cannot resume until the interruption is dealt with.


A new threat appears!


The player may not quit after a round during which this is drawn, another round must occur.


Something odd or unpredictable happens, which is a detriment. Added as a danger for many conflicts, but almost always when magic is involved.

Other Deck Building Options

Preparation and Aid

Gain cards to be added to the resolution deck associated with the resolution for which preparations are being made. Occasionally a contest may be required to gain the cards.


A character may attempt to do better by pushing hard to get it done. Add one augment card of the player's choice, and two Exhaustion cards to the deck.


A character may approach the contest recklessly. They may add up to three augments, and for each they add, the opposition may add two dangers. A character being reckless may not add any caution cards to the deck using skills.

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