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The systemscape of Fabricated

In the world of Fabricated life as we know it has been lost to a distant tragedy forgotten by most. In place of that life, is now a sprawling world of machines. Above this, the system itself is their lifeblood and that from which they were born.

Behold, the breadth of the solar system claimed by the sytem!. An lush mechanical oasis in the desert of stars.

SOL System At A Glance

Nearly all of the space of interest in the SOL system has been categorized and/or mapped by the system. In order to organize all that, the system uses prefix codes that equate to a point of interest in the star system as the machine sees it:

  • 001: SOL. The Sun itself. While not colonized by the machine, it has uncountable solar power satellites in close orbit.
  • 101: Mercury. On the tidally locked side facing the sun, a world of incredible wonder, dominated by machines. On the dark side, sensor relay systems for the X01 prefix areas.
  • 102: Venus.
  • 301: Earth. Main X01 prefix, can't see the surface at all under the machine upon machine world built above it.
  • 303: Mars.
  • 735: Asteroid Stations. (735-00 is Central Station).
  • 401: Jupiter. Secondary X01 prefix, 50% of the outer atmosphere of Jupiter holds machine float-worlds.
  • 403: Saturn.
  • 507: Uranus.
  • 999: Neptune. Doomed planet, destined to save the solar system from disaster eons from now. Unregulated, exiled machine haven.

001: Sol

101: Mercury

102: Venus

301: Earth

303: Mars

735: Asteroid Stations

401: Jupiter

403: Saturn

507: Uranus

999: Neptune

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