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Gaslight is a peer to peer, portable, Java driven online gaming client backed by a wiki and forum. Running Gaslight isn't about chatting, its about gaming. In particular, gaming roleplaying games which harness the power of modern technology. When you run Gaslight, you'll be loading a game, and signing onto a network. As we are merely at the beginning of this awesome tool, only one game and a few networks exist. As more games and networks are introduced, you'll find information about them here.


Gaslight is backed by many features, all of which allow the user to envelope themselves into an online gaming experience like never before. Here is a summary of each.

  • Rich, wonderful skins. The game client changes its look to fit the mood of the game, and even the moment within the game as configured.
  • Chained game tables, called science!. These allow the client to create random outcomes of the most complex types.
  • Live wiki-accessible game stats and information, pipeworks. As you play the game in the client, the wiki reflects the changes.
  • Automated records. Game events, ooc conversation, and general logging just happens automagically.
  • Advanced fixtures. Rules and data in client form, not unlike extensions, plugins, or modules for other software.
  • Highly interconnected clients supply presence information. You have live updates of the other player's actions, such as typing, messaging, or editing.


Each network in Gaslight terms is a groups of collection of particular chronicles. Gaslight players also always 'belong' to a particular network, though they can operate and play chronicles in any of them without restriction. At the start, there are three networks available. More information on each can be found by following these links.

(Generated Network List Goes Here)


A game in Gaslight is a set of rules for the client and players that creates the interactions and atmosphere of the game itself. Right now only one game exists:

  • The Game of Shadows A pulpy Victorian England world where skilled and lucky individuals are trapped under the shadows of untold darkness. A game of intrigue created by the choices of the powerful when subject to the dark hearts of men.


This wiki has the pipes namespace, a place for things which interact with the client directly. When you adjust things in here, you are changing the client itself. You must have the Manager title to operate in this wiki space.


  • Java “Whiskey” Client: ?
  • “Whiskey” SDK: ?
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