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It's time to roll some dice in Ironclaw!

  1. Host sets difficulty.
    • Standard difficulty is 3.
    • If this is an opposed roll, or if you’re suffering from a penalty, you won’t know the exact difficulty yet.
  2. Can anyone assist?
    • Assistants make rolls of their own, at standard difficulty.
    • Each successful assist gives you a d8 bonus.
    • If an assist botches, the whole task is ruined; stop here!
  3. Assemble dice pool.
    • A Trait die
    • All the dice for one of your Skills
    • Bonuses from Gifts, assists, etc.
    • The Host will suggest a Trait+Skill pair, but you can negotiate if you feel something else better fits your character’s approach!
  4. Roll!
    • Dorfl example: !1d12+2d8+1d4
    • If the roll was opposed or had a randomized penalty, your opposition also rolls now. The highest number showing on those dice becomes your difficulty.
    • Did any of your dice come up 1? Do you have favor, such as a relevant Favorite Use of the Skill being rolled? Then you may re-roll one 1, now.
  5. Read your highest dice.
    • Multiple dice exceeded the difficulty: success with additional benefits!
    • One die exceeded the difficulty: success!
    • No dice exceeded the difficulty, but one or more tied: can you claim some momentary advantage to tip the scales? If so, success. If not, the task produces a mixed, uncertain, or delayed result.
    • All dice fell under the difficulty: failure.
    • All dice came up 1: botch!
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