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The Whitelist: Black Nano

This is the list of stock Black Nano gear for Karbon, part of The Whitelist.

Elfin Cloak
  • Cost: 21 kcred, 6 steps
  • Training: Prowl Force: -
  • Feature(s): 1; Break
  • Scope: Range, Everyone
  • This black nano is a cloud of microscope machines that envelopes the user. Once activated by a break, it renders the user undetectable by all conventional means. The downsides are obvious, it take time to align and activate and then needs recharging. The nano itself however, may be detected in a vague sense, with any gear that allows such. Everyone trying to affect or conflict with the user of Elfin Cloak has a 6+ chance to affect them effectively for the remainder of conflict once activated.
Shadow Mark
  • Cost: 28 kcred, 7 steps
  • Training: Prowl Force: 2
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+2
  • Scope: Range, Everyone
  • This black nano forms a mark on the skin of the user and must be exposed to work. The user activates it by pressing it properly (as it is designed) and then it jams sensory equipment in its range. While its clear the equipment is being jammed, its nearly impossible to locate from where it is occurring as the nano sets up dummy broadcast points as you move. When an agent commits to the behavior “proceeding with caution” they earn their steps to any applicable Prowl roll.
Copy Cat
  • Cost: 15 kcred, 5 steps
  • Training: Prowl & Hack Force 3
  • Feature(s): 1; Step/+1
  • Scope: Range, One-target
  • This black nano takes the shape of contact lens. When the user wears these, they can visually see communications links. This includes lose of UpLinks and Shadowlinks. If the agent commits to the behavior “scanning links” they earn the step bonus to prowl and hack actions. In addition, the copy cat can duplicate the signal of the link for any purpose: storage, decrypting, jamming, rerouting, or so on. If this action can influence a conflict, the player can earn a bonus die for that conflict.
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