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In LiveHack, adventurers adventure because it's their whole life. There is no surface world to return to for a respite, there is only the world dungeon, which goes on endlessly. Adventurers hear rumors that if you go up enough levels, that you might eventually emerge in a heavenly world where there is no ceiling. But most regard this legend as just that, pointless rumors. One thing is sure, the higher the level, the nastier the competition for resources, as the toughest monsters live up there.

How high can you climb?

The rules below are created to be compatible with the d20 SRD, and while replacing many of the mechanical parts of the game, do not replace them all, and replace few of the data elements of the SRD, such as monsters. A easy to use hypertext version of the SRD is here: http://www.d20srd.org/

Because of this, the rules also consistent with the random dungeons produced here: http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/dungeon/index.cgi

Additional content for rooms can be found here: http://dcrouzet.chez-alice.fr/gaming/d20downloads.htm

The rules for the game are broken down into the following sections:

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