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General Power Type Notes

Carried Powers

A carried power does damage only if the attack carrying it not only hits, but does damage. For instance, a poison dart has to not only hit it's target, but manage to penetrate armor and hide before the poison can be delivered.

Attack Power Template

Description here.

  • Time:
  • Area of Effect:
  • Bonus:
  • Save:
  • Attribute Target:
  • Negative Trait:
  • Effect:
  • Transforming:
  • Fatigue:

Starting Pets

Like some roguelike games, a player may begin play with a cat or small dog as a pet. This costs 2 AP.


To cast a spell, the Adventurer must make an Spellcraft roll vs a DR based on the spell's difficulty. Spells always cost fatigue to cast, and this cost is payed whether or not the casting was successful. Failure to cast a spell successfully results in 1 Magic Burnout trait level per full -5 MOS. Magic Burnout penalizes Arcane Lore rolls.

Few spells are halted by armor or the like, going up against raw defense ratings. Spell effects, even fully realized Transforms, may be dispelled, upon which the target reverts to normal.

Spell Conversions

Spell Familiarity

A player may elect to take a familiarity with a spell, as though it were a bit of equipment (using the cost for familiarities if taken during adventurer construction). This should be noted in the stat block of the spell power itself.

School Adherence

An adventurer who takes all spells from the same school gets a reduction in price of one AP for each spell. An adventurer who takes spells from multiple class lists has to pay one extra per spell.

Sample Spells

Sleep Dust

Sleep Dust targets two adjacent characters; the caster sprinkles dust on them that is enchanted by the spell to cause sleep.

  • Area of Effect: Two adjacent targets
  • Bonus: +10
  • Save: Will
  • Attribute Target: Int
  • Negative Trait: Sleepy. Sleepy recovers entirely with a full resting period.
  • Effect: results in the character sleeping until the end of the effect, or they are awoken by being hit or through somebody taking a standard action to wake them.
  • Transforming: the character becomes a sleeping beauty, and need to have somebody special to them come and wake them.
  • Fatigue: 1

AP Cost: 5

Charm Person
  • Area of Effect: One target
  • Bonus: +5
  • Save: Will
  • Attribute Target: Wisdom
  • Negative Trait: Suggestible. Suggestible recovers when the target has been given a good talking to by a good friend.
  • Effect: target treats caster as friend, but other attitudes do not change (they won't, for instance, attack anyone who was their ally before the charm spell).
  • Transforming: the target is permanently charmed.
  • Fatigue: 2

AP Cost: 4

Magic Missile

A ball of painful light that automatically hits its target and goes straight to the damage roll (no positional adjustments).

  • Area of Effect: One target
  • Bonus: +2
  • Save: Fort
  • Attribute Target: Con
  • Negative Trait: Wound.
  • Effect: Damage
  • Fatigue: 1

AP Cost: 3


An explosion of fire fills the room, probably scorching not only the enemies, but friends, treasure, and doors as well.

  • Area of Effect: 20' radius
  • Bonus: +10
  • Save: Ref
  • Attribute Target: Con
  • Negative Trait: Burn
  • Effect: Damage
  • Fatigue: 3

AP Cost: 10

==Knock= A normal lock opens, no test.

  • Fatigue: 1

AP Cost: 5

  • Area of Effect: one target
  • Effect: +10 to dodge attacks
  • Fatigue: 1/round

AP Cost: 6

Raise Dead
  • Time: 1 Day
  • Area of Effect: one dead guy
  • Effect: Eliminates the “Dead” trait. The deceased comes back with Con reduced by one (which may cause them to come back incapacitated), and with a 4 Weakness. Normal poisons and diseases are cured, but magical ones are not, and the character may theoretically just die once more. Spell doesn't work on a character who has been dead for more than 10 days. The player has to be willing for their character to come back for this to work, otherwise they stay blissfully in the otherworld of their death.
  • Fatigue: 8

AP Cost: 20

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