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Project Zero is a totally open source, community driven, graphical communication client. It is the descendant of chat systems like IRC, and it is Discord's open source more robust brother. The only closed source is the C server code, which is just true bottom level code. The entire system is built in Lua (5.1) and runs via LuaJIT on both client and server.


Here are the features of the system:

  • Completely open source environment. Join an application. Fork that application as you like into a new project. Then someone can join your application and fork again.
  • Standard style user account rights, including application ownership and admin powers.
  • Application centered model with systems “enhancement”. Applications are running environments for specific games/projects. Systems can be loaded into applications and run inside them, adding features, functions, etc.The “system” concept is just a special type of application that only runs under/inside Applications.
  • Robust design for TCP networking to a main server supporting up to 256 simultaneous user connections.
  • Speak only LUA. The client and server speak only LUA to each other, and the server programs the client with visual/functionality programming.
  • Application Group organization. Applications are organized into larger groups named just for the purpose of organization. Applications/systems can run from and across any groups. Groups are gathered by purpose. The basic group for all base code is Null, and all minimalist apps/sys in Negative.
  • Usable for any internet visual client on almost any computing platform, given you do not need real-time functionality. Client is developed on Love2D, a stable graphics engine running on virtually all computing platforms.
  • Thin client architecture. The client is programmed from the server, and dynamically updates. The development client won't cache data, but the final one will to reduce network load.

To Find Out More

Look at the wiki/system for the project here: Zero.Wishray

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