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SPECTER - 10K80 Humankind

Specter is a role-playing game taking place in the far future, in a galaxy far away, where humankind is rising from the ashes of a terrible tragedy. It is a game of survival in a sprawling universe full of wonders to explore. If you can imagine a world were energy itself has been mastered and you can pull a spaceship out of your pocket, get ready to blast off!

10K80 (year 10080) is a sprawling universe spread across a galaxy far removed from our own in a time far from now. To keep it relatable though, it extends a lot of the base scifi concepts of the seventies and eighties. The information here is purposefully incomplete and it meant to be stubs to inspire players to breath life in to their own version of this wondrous place.


“The power of good is shown not by triumphantly conquering evil, but by continuing to resist evil while facing certain defeat.” - Edith Hamilton

Humankind in 10K80 is not completely removed from what we are today, but there are stark differences. Assume Humankind of 10K80 is like us then, except:

  • Fusion: Thousands of years ago in the fusion, flesh was merged with Lite. Now Humankind exists as both energy and matter. This gives them access to abilities we might call magical. They call this bound Lite their Spark. Spark allows one of Humankind to survive a nuclear blast, and they recharge themselves by Stardiving (flying through a star). It has an impressive amount of energy.
  • Variation: About one millennium after Fusion came Variation: A technology of Lite that allowed Humankind to change their very physical nature. While all humans remain humanoid because of The Great Accord, they often have strange physical characteristics that diverge from our normal expectations. Perhaps scaly skin, vestigial wings, nascent claws, or glowing hair.
  • Union: A couple thousand years after Variation came Union, a large scale Humankind movement to unify language and knowledge. Now while the four cultures of Humankind have their own language and knowledge, they all share Union, giving them the ability to communicate and share knowledge across all of the species. Most of the new cultures of the universe also have Union, or part of it, as they are indirect decedents of Humankind.

All of these changes happened so long ago that most of the details of that time has been lost to the ages (or destroyed depending on who you talk too). Humans call the time these changes came from The Forgotten Times.

Human Cultures

_ Hyperion

_ Asterian

_ Hestian

New Cultures

Common Concepts

_ The Great Accord

_ The Forgotten Times

_ Spark

_ Contract

_ Heritage

_ Stardiving

_ Union

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