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  • Class: Tomb Robber 4 - 1
  • Cunning: 2
  • Luck: 0


  • Charm Person
  • Detect Magic
  • Hold Portal
  • Read Magic


  • Backpack
  • 100 Torches
  • Leather Armor
  • Nifty Silver Dagger +1
  • Dagger (Butcher's knife)
  • 5 Darts
  • Club

See pics of special gear below.



Stror favors furs and hides when he can afford them, but often resorts to cheap leather armor. He wears his hair long and braided or tied in a ponytail.



Stror was born among a slave caste in a rural area. He was raised by his grandparents, his parents having been worked too hard to be able to care for him. They worked as entertainers: dancers, poets, or bards. They are alive and well. Stror also has a younger sister, Merira, that he hates as she once sold him out for having stolen extra rations. This resulted in Stror having to go on the run, and this has been his life ever since then.

Life Events

Stror had a friend named Figrem, who he discovered was having relations with Merira. He forbid Figrem to be with her, tellig their parents, which is why she ratted on him, and why Figrem has never forgiven him. There's lots of yelling when they're around each other, but they still see each other from time to time when Stror slips into the slave camps.

Stror became addicted to Gluthol, a blue powder that one rubs on the hands until it goes in through the skin. He came into contact with this once he was on the road and had joined up with some brigands. Most of his free money goes to maintaining his supply. One of the brigands showed Stror the profit in robbing tombs, and that has largely been his source of funds since.

Stror has a love named Mara. His relationship with her ended recently when he discovered her cheating on him. He still loves her, but his pride won't let him reconcile with her. Stror has had a lot of other dalliances with local girls, but only the one with Mara has been serious. He's not exactly attractive, but he attracts the sorts of girls who like bad-boy renegades.

Stror recently was reacquainted with a figure from his past, a powerful mage named Uzonaxx he met when he was very young when the mage was traveling through the area. It was his brief contact with this person as a child made him ever curious to learn magic (something that was unavailable to him as children of entertainer slaves). After meeting Uzonaxx again, he learned a smattering of magic from him. However, Stror learned that Uzonaxx is a half-demon, and quite evil, after Uzonaxx tried to sacrifice him to a demon lord one night. Since then Stror has been trying to figure out a way to assasinate his mage master.

Creatures Slain

  • Zombie


Silver Knife: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com_236x_44_1d_09_441d09d9236f090b3fdc2c54de07443b.jpg

Obtained from a moving zombie in Ulthar's tomb.

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