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Aquatic Base Gear

This is a list of gear recovered (mostly by Lanu) from the aquatic research facility near Bay Village underwater at Horse Bay:

  • High level credentials unit (needed for access to much of the aquatic base, you didn't realize that Lanu had picked this up, and this was allowing you to get places that would otherwise have been locked out of)
  • Walking Stick with Silver Head - tarnished
  • Water “Binoculars”
  • 2 scuba suits (Zin was wearing one)
  • 20 m Nylon Rope
  • Rusty High-Tech Analog Entrenching Tool
  • Reflector
  • Writing Stylus (needs an A cell)
  • Bottle of Insect Repellent
  • Bottle of Bonding Glue (advanced super-glue)
  • Box Modeling Clay
  • Portable Holo-monitor Projector (needs broadcast power tuning)
  • 5 Mutagen Doses
  • 3 Laser Pistols liberated from the Aquatic Base Security Androids
  • 4 “Stun Rods” (overcharged for lethality) from the security robots at the waste processing facility
  • An ancient doorframe of odd design found by Digger in the bowels of Grubport
  • A strange hat (seen worn by an ancient in a picture found at the base):


20 units of scrap (may be fashioned into other things, or traded)

A garbage Skow (like Ilirha's “flying palace”)

Most of a cybernetics lab looted from Ilirha's base at the waste treatment facility base.

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