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My character for the game


i.pinimg.com_564x_53_d9_cd_53d9cdeec0208dededc8d6496e6e230f.jpg Species: Bwap
Homeworld: Daddash

Stat Block


Skills: Animals - 0, Computers - 0, Social Sciences - 0, Admin - 2, Liaison - 2, Advocate - 1, Steward - 2, Vehicle - 1, Bribery - 1, Broker - 1, Comms - 1


Bureaucrat 4 - Rank 3 (Manager)
Merchant 1 - Rank 2 (Fourth Officer)


250cr, Low Passage, Mid Passage, Snub Pistol

5000 Cr Bwap professional suit (+2 to impress, but only if they understand Bwap culture)


Play starts at: https://travellermap.com/?p=-63.928!-26.859!7

Saaderwawetha's Snub Pistol (very utilitarian, bought for self-defense on Daddash): i.pinimg.com_564x_9e_b1_e3_9eb1e3c4f46d6ab5bd02c224399d6f5b.jpg


Saaderwawetha (short for Saaderwawethanathapapanabanawab) comes from a community of Bwaps that developed on Daddash, a former prison colony planet rife with crime. Once the administrators that served the leaders of the colony, after the planet ceased being a prison, and began self rule, the Bwaps on the main world faced an impossible problem. For Bwaps, who see the world as an unified system both due to ancient cultural and indeed because of their physiognomy, crime is an unthinkable form of insanity. It's simply incredibly rare in most Bwaps.

The Bwaps who were administrators on Daddash, however, were thrust into a culture comprised of solely criminal minds that immediately adopted crime as part and parcel of everyday life. The Bwaps were not allowed to simply go their own way, but absorbed into the culture, and they were at points forced into criminal behavior to survive. This did, in fact, drive some of the Bwap population to flee the world, and others went insane.

For the small number that remained, just a few families, enough to keep a gene pool going, they found a way to rationalize that their crimes were part of the unified cycle of life on Daddash. Not that they condoned crime, or being forced into it, but that as it was outside forces that were making them commit crimes, it was simply destiny that they should have to do these things. And thus they have coped for a couple of centuries now.

Saaderwawetha, being a somewhat unusually contradictory sort of Bwap, has never liked what he's seen as clear rationalization of bad acts by his brethren on Daddash. And hated that he, too, was forced into criminal acts from time to time. So working himself up to the rank of Manager of a settlement, he used his skills acquire a position of ship's broker on a merchant ship, and soon his talents elevated him to the rank of Fourth Officer.

The merchant operation he was working for had issues of mismanagement by the ship's captain, however, and after a few years he was forced to look for other work. This is when he ran into the trio of Captain Rixon Arnot, “Commodore” Nathaniel Francis Drake CLXVII (Saderwawetha uses Drake's title, being formal as most Bwaps are, but finds it unlikely that this rank was achieved legitimately), and Tenete Rigone. They noted Saaderwawetha using less than strictly by-the-book methods to get himself out of a red tape jam involving a quick job he was doing for a hedge-fund manager on Turin, and they decided that his talents might be of use in the new salvage venture they were planning together.

Saaderwawetha has largely agreed to this situation for two reasons. He believes that these individuals are, like many on Daddash, not ones who would take kindly to any other answer than yes. And he didn't at that time have any other real prospects other than returning home (or finding work for other humans, all of whom seem somehow a little corrupt), which was an even less appealing option. Furthermore, the salvage operation seems as legitimate an enterprise as he's every personally encountered, so why not?

He has left behind family on Daddash, which occasionally gives him pangs of guilt; as bad as humans are off of Daddash, they are nowhere near as bad as those ON Daddash. But he realizes that they are well and truly institutionalized, and that, as such, they aren't going to be following him offworld any time soon, in any case. He has dreams of possibly earning enough money to lure them all away to retire somewhere other than Daddash, and is on the lookout for other Bwaps constantly. The one real regret that he has in leaving Daddash is leaving every potential mate he knew of behind.

While on Ekin in his time with the merchants, Saaderwawetha met a human business person who found him fascinating, and with whom he has maintained an x-boat mail pen-pal relationship with since. He considers her a fairly good friend, despite the distances, and is fascinated a bit by the similarities and differences between their homeworlds and responses to having been brought up in such places.

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