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Notes on Charles version here.


Human – Morlog, Garlana, Timothee, Mitara, Circe, Beldan, Korloz, Vorzurd

Elf – Blizidiir, Cindifiel, Albiminar, Tyritrix, Sendari, Delardial, Brimbonior


Focused Eyes, Angry Eyes, Fascinated Eyes
White Hair, Green Hair, Purple Hair
Spiked Mantle, Robe of Glyphs, Ominous Cloak
Withered, Twisted or Weathered Body




Chaotic – impress people with reckless displays of magic power

Neutral – find a magical place or object you can use

Evil – use people for your magical purposes


Human - Choose one Wizard spell, which you can cast as if it were a sorcerer spell

Elf – take +1 when using Cast a Spell to cast a mind spell.


I owe _ for letting me take energy from them for something important.

_ doesn't understand the real nature of magic at all, and needs to be informed.

Given their abilities, I have a deep respect for _

_ knows information that I need to know, but they won't tell me!


Arcane Studies

You know several spells from your study of the arcane. Start knowing 1+INT first level spells. Every time you go up a level you learn one new spell at your level or less.

Cast a Spell

When you throw a spell you know, roll+Dex. On a 10+, the spell is successfully cast and there are no negative effects. On a 7-9, the spell is cast, but choose one:

  • You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot (the GM will describe it).
  • Your casting causes you a debility of your choice.
  • Magic backlash causes you to take 1d4 damage.

You take a -1 Ongoing to Cast a Spell for each spell you have cast that is currently in effect. You focus these powers through a talisman of some sort, such as a medallion, a cystal on your staff, a big gaudy ring, etc. If you lose your talisman, you lose the ability to Cast a Spell until you either recover it, or do extensive work to replace it.


Select one type of spell from the list below. When you Cast a Spell with that sort of spell, you can ignore one -1 Ongoing from ongoing spell effects, and on a 10+ you avoid enemy attacks as if you were using Hack & Slash. Dimensions Elemental Mind Underworld

Taking Energy

When you suck the life out of a volunteer, or a restrained being, to empower your spells, roll+INT. On a 10+ you deal 1d6 Damage to the victim, and gain that many Hold. On a 7-9, you deal your damage and get the Hold, but you take 1d4 damage yourself from trying to contain the energy.

You may have up to 5+Level Hold at any one time. Use this Hold at any time for the following: Cast a Spell ignoring the -1 Ongoing from ongoing spell effects Add one point of damage to damage dealt from a spell, including summoned or illusionary beings Reduce damage caused by spell backlash, one Hold for one HP You lose any accumulated Hold when you take a Make Camp action.


Your Hit Points are 6+Con.


Your load is 5+STR, and your talisman is 1 weight. In addition to your talisman you start with one from each list:

  • Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight) or Halfling Pipeleaf (5 uses, 1 weight) and 3 anti-toxin
  • Sword (Close, +1 Damage, 1 weight) or staff (Close, two-handed, 1 weight)
  • Dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight) and Poultices and Herbs or dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight) and 10 Gold


When you gain a level from 2-5, chose from these moves.

Broad Learning

Learn a new spell from any class.


Choose a spell. You prepare that spell as though it were one level lower.

Empowered Magic

When you Cast a Spell, on a 10+ you have the option of choosing from the 7-9 list. If you do, you may choose one of these as well:

  • The spell's effects are doubled
  • The spell's targets are doubled

Second Specialty

Select one type of spell from the list below that is not already your specialty. When you Cast a Spell with that sort of spell, you can ignore one -1 Ongoing from ongoing spell effects, and on a 10+ you avoid enemy attacks as if you were using Hack & Slash.

  • Dimensions
  • Elemental
  • Mind
  • Underworld

Energy Battery

Double the maximum amount of Hold for purposes of Taking Energy.

Harsh Spellcaster

When you deal damage with a spell, deal +1d6 Damage.

Self Defense

When you Hack & Slash, use DEX instead of STR.

Clever Ally

When someone gives you Aid see forward how to continue to make it effective, and take +1 Forward after you use the +1 from their Aid.


Destroy a magic item, and gain +1d6 Hold for use per Taking Energy.

Spooky Magic

When you Cast a Spell in front of somebody and threaten to use your magic against them as leverage, you get +1 Forward to Parley with them.

Inner Focus

You no longer need a talisman to Cast a Spell.

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves or the level 2-5 moves.


Requires: Talented
Choose a spell. You prepare that spell as though it were one level lower.

Energy Master

Requires: Energy Magnet
Double all effects of using Hold gained from Taking Energy.

Greater Empower

Replaces: Empower
When you Cast a Spell, on a 10-11 you have the option of choosing from the 7-9 list. If you do, you may choose one of these effects as well. On a 12+ you get to choose one of these effects for free.

  • The spell’s effects are doubled
  • The spell’s targets are doubled

Vicious Spellcaster

Replaces: Harsh Spellcaster
When you deal damage with a spell, deal +2d6 Damage.

Third Specialty

Requires: Second Specialty
Select one type of spell from the list below that is not already your specialty or second specialty. When you Cast a Spell with that sort of spell, you can ignore one -1 Ongoing from ongoing spell effects, and on a 10+ you avoid enemy attacks as if you were using Hack & Slash.

  • Dimensions
  • Elemental
  • Mind
  • Underworld

Learned Sorcerer

Learn two new sorcerer spells.

Power Attunement

When you come across a place of power, you can Take Power with the place as the target. The GM assigns HP to the place for purposes of determining if and when it's been drained dry (but they may have quite a lot).

Infamous Sorcerer

When you return to a civilized place in which you've caused trouble before, roll +INT for Outstanding Warrants, instead of +CHA. On a 7-9 the complications are ameliorated somewhat by the fact that people are afraid of you.

Death's Door

When you fall to zero HP, you may pay your old friend Death any Hold you have from Taking Energy to recover that many HP, and thus avoid having to take your Last Breath.

Sorcerous Warrior

When you hack and slash, and deal damage, you can take half of the damage you deal (round up) as Hold, per Taking Energy.


Level 1

Arcane Blast (Elemental)

A beam of arcane energy lances forth from your fingers. Deal 1d8 damage to one target, and they take -1 Damage forward due to the impact.

Armor of Shadow (Underworld)

You wrap yourself in shadows from the shadow realm that fend off blows. Take +1 Armor, and you deal 1d4 damage to any enemy that attacks you at close or hand range.

Crimson Stamina (Elemental)

You crackle with red energy and gain 1d10 HP for the remainder of the fight. These HP may exceed your maximum HP, but they go away when the spell ends at the end of the fight. This can bring you to zero HP and your Last Breath, but you or your companions have time to attempt to heal you before the spell expires.

Sibilant Speech (Mind)

You cast this and gain the serpent's ability to convince people. You may then make one Parley attempt with offering almost anything as leverage.

Slip Through Space (Dimensions)

You take a step to somewhere else, and reappear somewhere nearby that you could see before you disappeared. The GM may not direct damage to you until your enemies take a moment to look around and see where you went. If you roll a 7-9 when using Cast a Spell to use this spell, and select “draw unwelcome attention,” it is likely that something follows you through the break in worlds that you've momentarily created.

Drain Life (Underworld)

You touch an enemy, and suck their life into yours. You deal 1d6 Damage, and gain the same number of HP as damage dealt.

Darkness (Dimensions)

You bring in darkness from the shadow realm to extinguish all light in the local vicinity. Nobody can see anyone else until this spell ends.

False Wall (Mind)

You create an illusion to cause a passage, door, gate or the like to appear to end in a wall. Anything that thinks to investigate will find that the wall can be passed through without any issues.

Break (Elemental)

You cause one normal object about the size of a weapon or smaller to break. Enchanted objects are immune to this spell.

Level 3

Engulf in Flame( Elemental)

You shoot a gout of flames at one target and deal 1d8 damage. The target will continue to take 1d8 damage every time you attack it until it takes a moment to put itself out.

Time Step (Dimensions)

You cast this spell and wait for the right moment. When something goes bad you step back through time and try it again. Re-roll any one roll, even roll for damage dealt to you. The spell ends when you make the re-roll, but is considered ongoing from the time you cast it until the re-roll occurs (with the attendant -1 to Cast a Spell).

Clad in Iron (Elemental)

You use magic to cover yourself in black metal. Armor +2 and +1 Ongoing to Defy Danger if it's appropriate.

Walls Are Floors (Dimensions)

You alter gravity for yourself so that you can walk up walls, or even on ceilings. Of course if you end this spell while standing on a wall or floor, you will have to Defy Danger to land without hurting yourself.

Tentacles From Below (Underworld)

You cause tentacles to reach up from some other realm, and restrain a single target of up to twice your level. The foe may not move or take any other action until this spell ends unless you permit it (commanding the tentacles to allow only whatever you want to allow). If anyone attacks the target, or you leave their line of sight, the tentacles retreat, leaving the target free once again.

Shadow Beast (Mind)

You create the shadowy form of a monster of your choice that is about man sized or less. You deal 1d6 damage to anyone who tries to deal damage to the shadow beast. Anyone who ignores the beast is safe from it. Anything brought to zero HP by a Shadow Beast is merely Stable, and does not die.

Bind Portal (Dimensions)

You secure a door so that only you may open it while the spell is Ongoing. Other practitioners of magic may be able to dispel this effect or have other magic to counter it.

No Breath (Elemental)

You cast this spell on yourself or one target in line of sight, and that target no longer needs to breathe and is immune to the effects of pressure while the spell continues.

Level 5

Summon Imp (Underworld)

You summon a minor demon to serve you. It has 10 HP, a +1 STR and can Hack and Slash for you dealing 1d6 damage. It has a Load of 20 (which is an amazing amount for such a small creature). It can also run errands, etc. While you have an imp around, you have a -1 Ongoing to Parley with most people. When you end the spell, the Imp is banished.

Far Vision (Mind)

You project your sight to distances that are up to many miles away to some place you have been or seen, or had described to you extensively. You may Discern Realities on this location.

Circle of Protection (Underworld)

You take a moment to draw a circle around yourself to keep out bad magic. You and any allies you select who are inside the circle get a +1 Ongoing to Defy Danger against any form of magic. Any summoned creatures or otherwise very magical beings (GM chooses), may not enter the circle. They can use ranged attacks on those in the circle, however. When the spell ceases, the circle disappears.

You fire a ray at a target. Half of any damage dealt to you (round up) will also be dealt to the target while this spell is Ongoing.

Curse (Underworld)

You curse one target. While the spell continues everyone has +1 Ongoing against this target. If cast on a PC they take -1 Ongoing until the curse is lifted.

Store (Dimensions)

You send an object or objects about man sized or smaller to another place in space and time where they will remain safe and undetectable. When the spell ends, anything so stored will reappear at your feet. This may not be used against a creature involuntarily, but somebody can be put in by force or voluntarily, where they will be safe until they emerge.

Thwart Scrying (Mind)

You take several moments to set up an area that, while the spell is ongoing, may not be seen or detected by any magical means, unless the caster is of higher level.

Level 7

Levitate (Elemental)

You put a hand on yourself or a target which begins to float.

Insubstantial Form (Dimensions)

You become a shadow of your former self, actually projecting to the normal world from the realm of shadows. You are unassailable, are not in danger from anything physical, and may walk through doors and walls, as long as the threat or obstacle is not also with you in the shadow realm. If you want to keep this spell up for more than a few minutes, you have to cast it again (GM says when). If you select “attracts attention or put in a spot” on a 7-9 when you Cast a Spell while this spell is Ongoing, you are likely to either get caught in the Shadow Realm, or attract one of its dread denizens.

Mind Trick (Mind)

You convince something that things are not what they really are, such that they do what you want. You have to figure out what they want in order to come up with a compelling switch.

Lightning (Elemental)

You summon a bolt of lightning from above that strikes a target. You deal 4d6 damage to the target and 2d6 damage to anyone, friend or foe, who is around the target.

Message (Mind)

You can send a mental message to a recipient you know well anywhere in the world. The message must be one simple sentence, or the spell will have to be cast multiple times.

Summon Demon (Underworld)

You summon a demon of real power to serve you. It has 20 HP, +2 STR and can Hack and Slash for you or carry up to its 30 Load. Note that when you end the spell, the demon is not banished, and may take whatever action it likes. Often sorcerers negotiate a price for the demon's service so that it will choose simply to banish itself when it's service is over. Sorcerers who do not so negotiate tend to get eaten.

Level 9

Sprout Wings (Underworld)

You use magic to grow a pair of wings capable of lifting yourself into the air, and to fly along about as fast as you can walk or run with about the same effort. The wings can have whatever appearance you choose (bird, bat, reptile, etc).

Banish (Dimensions)

You send the target far away. The GM decides where, specifically; but they won't be able to get back to you any time soon. The spell tends to choose rather nasty locations, so if and when the banished being finds its way back, very likely it will not to be in a friendly mood.

Summon Demon Lord (Underworld)

You summon an amazingly scary being from the underworld. This works like Summon Demon, except that the Demon has the following stats; 50 HP, +3 STR for Hack and Slash, can carry 60 Load, and can fly. It also can cast any one Wizard spell up to level 7 once before being summoned again. Demon Lords are notoriously cranky about being summoned, and are difficult to negotiate with.

Portal (Dimensions)

Open a portal to another dimension or a distant place, which remains open until the spell ends. Selecting “draw attention” when getting a 7-9 on Cast a Spell when using this spell is very dangerous.

Illusionary World (Mind)

You gain full control of all of the details of the appearance of things around you, and can manipulate them at will while the spell continues. You can also make things seem to appear out of nowhere, including up to 4 Shadow Beasts (see above) that look completely real. These things will not only appear real, but feel real.

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