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Celestial Earthspeech

Celestial Earthspeech is the name given to a study of the rituals that can be discerned in a writing called the Sumtaul Manuscript that was dictated to prophet Agrizor, the Interpretor by a celestial being called Thaftaur, purportedly at the behest of Goddess Zesoi (she who turns things through time). The rituals being about how observation of stars and other celestial objects can give insight into earth nodes, ley lines and other geomancy magic. Given the book's origin, this discipline is supported by the local religion, to date beyond reproach.

Course of Instruction

This discipline is only taught at The College of Sorcery (located at Vanth Castle at Trael's Navel). There are four main areas of instruction that a wizard must learn in order to become accomplished with Celestial Earthspeech, the first three being preliminaries, and the last being the core learning.


Celestial Language

The study of the language of the celestials called Iufethi is key to this field of study, so one can read and understand the primary text.

Taught by Master Udaveus.

Celestial Observation

Looking to the sky, especially the night sky, for signs from the heavens is also necessary to this discipline. Also regards learning to place one's mental state into the correct pattern so that one can pierce the veil of the sky to see into the actual celestial realm.

Taught by Master Otior.

Basic Geomancy

Less important, but still necessary to understand, basic geomancy gives the wizard an idea of what effects they are going to be making with their celestial observations.

Taught by Master Venzien.

Grimoire Study

Grimoire Study does not begin until the apprentice has a good understanding of the Celestial Language (signed off on by Master Udaveus). Through study of the tome, the wizard learns the various rituals involved, especially the details of their lengthy preparation.

Taught by Master Norimant. Norimant is the center of this field of study, and only he and a handful of other wizards actually understand the rituals.

Rituals Available

Standard Grimoire Rituals

Ritual of Falling

This is one of the primary rituals found in the book, and is important as an introduction to the discipline. It is difficult to impossible for a wizard to perform other of the rituals below without first having performed this ritual once. It essentially involves projecting the wizard's mental image of themselves into space, and having them fall to earth, during which time they are required to focus on the stars and other celestial objects. Looking at the earth from above, or failure to concentrate on the sky completely during the ritual ruins the effect, and it will have to be repeated. At the end of the ritual the subject has a sudden feeling of their mental self crashing into their body (most people fall to the ground).

Earth-Node Channel Expansion

Earth-nodes (found at the intersection of ley-lines) are often found as holes that go very deep into the earth, and this ritual can use the magic power to expand the node from it's natural size to considerably larger, thus supplying more magical power.

Earth Coloring

By channeling the power of a node, the ritualist makes himself or another obtain certain brilliant mineral colorings (they look like an opal). This outward appearance is a manifestation of the containment of considerable radiant earth energy internally, which tends to manifest to the holder as giving them a magnetically bright personality.

Conjuration of Duplicate Doors

The ritual is performed at a door located in a stone structure. Doors being channels through stone in this case, the geo-magic creates what appears to be a second door identical to the first on some stone wall nearby. Only the new door when opened reveals not a portal through the wall, but instaed a pool of earth energy. This has a few potential uses, one of which is confounding attackers, who may try to enter such a pool (almost certainly to their demise). The energy from such a doorway can also be channeled for other purposes, creating a small temporary local earth node itself.

Divination of the Waterwalking Transformation

There is a school of transformation that has a commonly used spell that takes the weight of an individual and transfers it to the earth, making them capable of walking on water and othe weightless acts. This ritual will discover anyone who has used such a ritual in the local vicinity, as where as giving the ritualist a clear feeling for where that person is currently.

Aura of Closure

Most portals having at least something to do with ley-line connections, this ritual creates a glow of earth energy around the ritualist that vibrates at a rate inimical to the functioning of any such portals. While so glowing, any such portal located nearby will fail to transport anything in or out.

Helmet of Royal Earth

Related to the Earth Coloring ritual above, an actual helmet of gemstone temporarily forms around the head of the ritualist, or of somebody indicated in the ritual. This is temporary, but while the helm is on, the user not only looks authoritative, but also has significantly greater insights into this discipline of magic. Another version of this, sometimes called Lords' Crown of Thought produces only a transparent circlet around the head, and has much less potent effects; but it takes considerably less preparation and effort to perform the ritual.

Imperial Shower of Sapphire

One of the better known rituals of this discipline, because of it's use at Imperial coronations, this creates a shower of what appear to be glimmering sapphires. Completely illusory, these images just reflect certain earth energies. But it's quite a dazzling display.

Sorcery of Ether and Dreaming

The ritualist has their mind projected by earth node power into the aether where they can observe the world from on high, and have dreams of (it is said) potentially great import.

Crystaline Web of DeepEarth Trace

A comples ritual that slowly grows a lattice of crystal over a large earthnode opening. This lattice glows with power, allowing earth energy to be siphoned off for other purposes, and the web itself can in theory be walked to enter realms of pure earth energy.

The Goblet of Ether

The ritual creates a temporary crystaline cup with pure liquid earth energy in it attuned to the stars. Drinking this liquid fills the ritualist with a large amount of etheric energy, attuned to earth patterns (can only be used for specific interactions).

Heretical Book Rituals

Sink Life Into Earth

Life essence is similar to earth energy in most ways. It's not complicated for a wizard who understands the local geomancy situation to observe the stars and note where there are gaps in earth energy, and then create a link between somebody and that gap, and thereby sink the individual's life essence into the earth.

Illusion of Hatefulness

There are demonic forces deep in the earth, and by noting where these are from celestial observation, one can create a link to such forces and take on the illusory appearance of such an earth demon.

Become Earthbeast

More potent than the illusion above, this also changes the appearance of the wizard, but in addition they become fearless and can channel a bit of the strength of the beasts.

Rune of Terror

A glowing rune appears on a stone empowered by a local attuned earthnode. This rune causes the mind to imagine all manner of terrors from the deep, and most flee from the sight of the rune near instantly.


An Earthnode near an active stelae indicating its location is linked to stellar phenomenon, releasing massive amounts of untapped energy.

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