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Primer for Centaurus Gate

Centaurus Gate is a scifi themed RPG based on a rebuild of WEG's Star Wars D6 game and inspired heavily by Farscape.

This page is a quick and dirty introduction to the world of Centaurus Gate. You can find more information under the Universe page, but this is enough to get your feet wet when you start play. This page has nothing about rules of any nature, just a blurb style introduction into the fictional world.

Quick Introduction

Centaurus Gate is a game about daring adventure as explorers move from a human only Milky Way to a new galaxy teaming with intelligent alien species. The players create explorers that man human ships exploring this new Expanse. Each of these explorers is a human or one of the Five Allied Races, aliens from the Expanse that have joined Humanity as it explores the Expanse. All explorers are part of something called the Expedition Task Force, a modern movement in human society dedicated to the exploration of the Expanse.

Your explorers will man a Corvette, and take charge of its daily operations as it explores the Expanse. You can expect to meet all manner of challenges are this ship discovers new worlds, new species, and attempts to join an already thriving space-faring culture. There is even a rich stage set for personal drama as your explorers become involved in the political struggles of human Societies (if you want that kind of thing!)

Setting Themes

Instead of describing vague narrative themes for the game, this section will just be a list of questions each game of Centaurus Gate may or may not choose to address. You can think of this is a list of question to get your mind moving.

  • Can humanity find a new source of ISO lights to revive their dwindling resource?
  • How will human society change as they adapt to living in a universe with intelligent aliens?
  • What cost will humanity pay to assure their new place in this Expanse?
  • Why are the five allied races so quick to join up as partners with the human presence in the Expanse?
  • Who of the Exotic alien races will attempt to either join or attack the Expedition Task Force?
  • When will the Allied Empire (of the Expanse) react to the presence of humanity in the Expanse?
  • ?

Common Terms

Below are the most common terms used in the game and the very minimum you need to understand to play.





The System

Expedition Task Force

Five Allied Races


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