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Centaurus Gate is a science fiction theme RPG based on a rebuild of WestEnd Game's Star Wars D6 RPG. While it is primarily inspired by Farscape, it also draws on many concepts presented in other shows such as Stargate. The game focuses on the adventures of a daring crew as they guide their starship into a galaxy far away to explore and exploit (a pioneer theme). Each player's character is a crew member of the starship in question, taking on one or more roles as crew. Blast off into a Science Adventure!


Here are the rules for the game, broken down into small digestible sections. This is not a rules text, but a System Reference Document (SRD) for the game itself. If you are looking for rules texts, one of the PDFs linked below is a better choice.

Tutorials & Examples

PDFs and Tools

These are PDF files of game texts available for free (under the Creative Commons license at the bottom of this page), Epubs, and online/offline tools for the game.

Some tools located right on this wiki:

Rules Changes/Progress

  • Updates: Updates to rules and changes over time.
  • Issues: Issues with the rules and possible resolution.


Here is the laundry list, with more notes below:

  • Farscape: The living breathing galaxy of wonder to be explored, the insanely beautiful backdrop for aliens and systems this game. Inverted a bit since Humans technology far exceeds the aliens, but they simply lack resources to fully use it.
  • Stargate: The Centaurus Gate itself, and the gate network that spans the countless worlds of the alien galaxy to be explored and possibly exploited. Inverted since the humans again are likely the most powerful, if they just had the resources they need.
  • Buck Rogers: The pulp spirit of action and adventure for these other worldly exploration stories.
  • West End Games: Star Wars D6: The framework of what could have been an amazing system, given the tools and techniques of modern RPGs. If you look closely under all the layers of this system, you can see basic ideas from WEG d6 floating around.
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