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Dagoliir is an explorer, almost an archaeologist, who searches ancient ruins, trying to salvage lost magics and art. He literally has no home, living on the road or with friends. He actually has little camps set up at the sites of ruins in many places that can become a temporary home in short order. Dragoliir was in elven lands just over a month ago, to speak to a scribe (a cagey old wood elf named Salthangdal) about something found deep in the library of Oxantralosin. There are few elves he cares about visiting often, and nearly all of those he does are academics and the like.

One of Dagoliir's obsessions is exploring around lake Verulunin, The lake was once not very deep, but there was a flood, which drowned an elven city. Occasionally something washes up on shore, and he's always wondered if there's a way to get down below the surface to search the ruins. He feels a presence in the fresh waters of the now very deep lake.

Even with such obsessions, however, Dagoliir is never in a rush to get somewhere, or find something. He always takes his time getting from place to place. It's only recently that he's started to feel the pull of the Eternal Glades, however, which call has propelled him into (relatively) high gear. He wants to accomplish something important (or maybe a couple of things) before he leaves the realm of the mortals.

Grey Elves

The Grey Elves are a lordly branch of the elves. They build cities and such, like humans do, very unlike their wood elf brethren (over whom they often establish rule).

They have taken to being reclusive, finding humans to be annoying; generally grey elf attitudes towards humans range from patronizing to simply superior. Uncharacteristically, Dagoliir manages not to display any such attitudes, getting along very well with humans. Some folks who have had bad experiences with elves give Dagoliir a hard time based on that. But he can usually win them over eventually.


When he was relatively young, he learned his music from a mentor, who taught him to play “the river-music” on the pipes. He had a lot of difficulty learning this, but eventually worked so hard at it that the river-music became a part of him. This has given him a life-long affinity for fresh water of all sorts.

His first love (for whom he played the pipes he still has) was a neried, the nymph spirit who inhabited a small lake called Skymere.

He only picked up his current hobby of archaeology in the last century or so. Before that he usually traveled about, interested in seeing new lands, and meeting new people. Since learning to play, he has supported himself with his music; which has usually left him somewhat poor, but at other times has supported him well. At one point he worked for a rich count, who loved his playing, and who kept him in finery (he still has one suit from that court). But the Count aged and died as humans will, and the new Count was not well-inclined towards him. This suited him anyhow, as he had grown very weary of being in the same place for nearly half a century, and the loss of the Count weighed heavily on him.


This section recounts information that Dagoliir knows as a result of his massive store of Bardic Lore, and being so long-lived.


The Tale of Zuil Leafheart

A story of a famous elven hero who used magic to blend into nature and thus traveled to many places. He was once captured by the goblins, and it is he who brought back this tale about what the goblins believe. And it was his opinion that they had no proof of the existence of this shadowy first goblin shaman, so that he felt that the being didn't actually exist.

His escape from the goblins is one of the most stirring parts of the tale.


The Lay of the Battle of the Moors

This lyric poem, set to music, tells the tale of a famous battle fought in the local vicinity, and mentions in it Bloodstone Hall, it's inhabitants, and the Bloodstone itself. Dagoliir doesn't recall all of the verses.


Personal Historical Knowledge

Local Map

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