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SPECTER - Introduction

Specter is a role-playing game taking place in the far future, in a galaxy far away, where humankind is rising from the ashes of a terrible tragedy. It is a game of survival in a sprawling universe full of wonders to explore. If you can imagine a world were energy itself has been mastered and you can pull a spaceship out of your pocket, get ready to blast off!



The following pages contain the rules of the game. Read them over in sequence before you play. Don't worry, they are short.


The following pages contain a depth of information about the universe of Specter, labeled 10K80 for easy reference.

  • 10k80 - A world of danger and wonder in the far distant future.
  • 10K80 Humankind - Human cultures of 10K80.


While this game has no direct inspiration, it pulls ideas from a lot of sources.

  • (Anime x Greek myth)
  • (80's scifi)
  • (Your mind on drugs)
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