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From Gods to Gold is a game about the dramatic time of change in the fantasy realm O'Kasus (say: Owl-Kah-sis, see Naming), as the Gods of old lose power and the worship of humanity. In this vacuum, a bustling economy takes center stage, and its truly the time of the merchant - Gold reigns supreme. The older power structures of Feudal lords and the Church remain, but struggle in this new day.

This is a time where people's beliefs are challenged, their livelihood is stripped from them, and in the midst of all this hope slumbers. With so much change, it is once more the time for heroes. Not the champions of myth this time, but now a new breed is needed. These are the heroes of men, the people that stand tall and can rise above the masses to make their voice heard.

However, just like the heroes of old, these people draw others into their web. They inspire the common man to become something more. This is their power in this time, no longer is it about besting mythical beasts but is instead about offering people the power and ability to stand up for themselves.

- Setting

  • O'Kasus - The realm in which these stories take place.
  • Paklish - The deal of deals, the nature of magic in the world of O'Kasus.
  • The Eight Races - The races of people living in O'Kasus at the time of the change.

- Heroes

- Play

  • Play Tests - Play tests for the game, as tracked on this wiki.
  • Wishray's Site for all things From Gods to Gold.

About From Gods to Gold

This game is inspired heavily by the following sources:

  • Spice And Wolf - A merchant rescues a harvest wolf god from a small town and the two travel the land in numerous adventures, nothing could be closer to what this game is about.
  • The Lord of the Rings - While the scope of the story in this classic fiction is something beyond this game, its fantasy world is a direct inspiration for the one used here.
  • Ladyhawke - A classic film, and one that clearly has the feel this game tries to capture.
  • Legend - The imagery and story of this film is quite similar to that of From Gods to Gold, except the movie is far more blatant about it.
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