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Defining a Hero

Heroes are the people at the center of the narrative in From Gods to Gold.

Step One: Create an Image

First you create an image for the hero, think of this as a line of text that best sums up who they are, what you might think after just meeting them. This could be anything from “brilliant warrior without a master” to “petty thief and lover”. Let this image shape the rest of the choices which follow, take direction from it.

Don't let this be something too short, combine at least a couple ideas into it. “brilliant warrior” isn't enough, while “brilliant warrior without a master” will work well.

If you are looking for inspiration, try this link to random character stubs: Quick NPC Note this won't give you enough, but perhaps something to build on.

Step Two: Develop Traits

Second, you develop between two to five traits for your hero. Each trait is something special about your hero, these fall into the types: Aspects, Disciplines, and Features.

  • Aspects are the special properties of your hero, the things that allow them to do the spectacular. Strength, Speed, and Agility are all physical aspects for instance; while Patience, Cunning, and Wisdom are mental aspects. A hero has always inherited or developed each Aspect from someone in their lives.
  • Disciplines are extensive training in some profession or wide area of ability. A valid discipline is Blacksmith, Soldier, or Farmer, and also areas of ability like: Wilderness, Problem Solving, and Carousing. A hero has always learned each Discipline from someone in their lives.
  • Features are the conspicuous qualities of a hero, ones that both help and hinder them depending on the situation. Vices such as Gluttony and Wrath are features, as are Virtues like Honor and Compassion. Features must motivate the Hero to action. A hero has always discovered or developed their features by interaction with someone in their lives.

It is important and critical to the game to note that each trait is linked to someone in the life (or someone once in the life) of the hero. This relationship is something that will be explored in play. It is ok to hinge more than one trait on one person in the life of the hero, but that is making the person more important to them.

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