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./FSCK-US - Introduction

./FSCK-US, say: Local Command F-Sick Dash US or for short: F US is a game in the no-so-far-future where you play agents who are totally not part of an FBI secret group to protect the world from the paranormal. At least, you aren't officially part of the FBI. Are you working for the FBI at all? Now that you mention it your training and instructions were all out-sourced to others and you only have this strange black badge you aren't supposed to show anyone…

Getting Started

You are an agent of The Agency. You know it is a secret branch of the FBI to investigate the paranormal, because they told you so. You have a special phone and a strange black badge that interact with each other. You have been told to never show the badge to anyone. A monotone voice on your phone is your only contact to your superiors. You have heard of the SCP Foundation, but you don't work for them. The voice on the phone told you so.

You walk through a world everyone knows is broken, but people refuse to address that. They live on as normal even though three ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) are alive in the network and now running things from behind the scenes. No one talks about this. Strange phenomenon are more and more common place, a result of a project undertook by the lead ASI known as X. This is where you come in. You investigate these for the government, The Agency, a shadow organization of the FBI. You have been told all this, so you know it too be true.


The following pages contain the rules of the game.

  • General Rules: These are the general rules of the game, you can invoke these at any time if it makes sense.
  • The World: Details and broad information about the world the game is set in.
  • Nuts and Bolts: All the character stuff needed for agent creation.
  • Gears and Wheels: The machine run by the GM to grind things out.


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