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Jason A. Petrasko

A hobbyist programmer, avid gamer, exceptional drinker, and somewhat ok guy. He runs this wicked website.


  • Obscurity - A tabletop or face-to-face system for playing The Game of Shadows.
  • Karbon - A roleplaying game inspired by Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell.
  • The Game of Shadows - A roleplaying game set in a mysterious, action-filled, pulp, steampunk Victorian-era England.
  • Wishray Wiki - A wiki for users and friends based on Dokuwiki.
  • Wishray Forum - A forum for users and friends based on SMF.
  • WoodChuck - A simple Java/Groovy framework for text file conversion.

Scratch Area

Investigative Moves For Karbon:

  • Scan the collected evidence
  • Go of the books
  • Interrogate a suspect
  • Interview a witness
  • Retrieve a person of interest
  • Page Orphans/Wanted - A page that shows orphaned or wanted pages for wiki.wishray.com.
  • Gaslight - A feature-rich peer to peer, portable, Java driven online gaming client backed by a wiki and forum. (defunct pages)
  • Games - A private page for my gaming use.

Future Stuff Perhaps?

  • PanzerPlay - A board game about high-school panzer championships, inspired by the anime: Girls und Panzer.
  • Perplexity - A Roleplaying Game about the difficult choices made when colonists encroach upon the dominant species of a distant world.
  • Resonance - A challenging board game focused on fostering both cooperative and collaborative play, about an alien force stomping over the Earth.
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