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Overview of the Rules

These are the basic rules for playing Karbon, and while they don't show everything in the game, its enough to get to playing. If you are just coming here, read the Prime Example of Play below first, as it will introduce you to most of the basics of the game. Otherwise feel free to dig into any rules pages as you like, this is the current reference of the game as it evolves pre-publication.

Rules Pages

  • An Overview of Contests, How you handle the rolling of dice and contests in the Karbon game.
  • Voiceover Rights, a mechanic to support voice-over narration in the game.
  • Assets, a mechanic to support building detective-style fiction.
  • Step Cost Chart, the one chart of the game, which relates steps to kcreds.

Rules Ideas, Notes, and Implications

Prime Example of Play

The Game Table at a Glance

A Scene is Defined

A Scene is Played

A Scene is Closed

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