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Inga Gozerian

An agent of Lxndr for the Karbon Play Test Solaris.


  • Name: Inga Gozerian
  • Idea: Heavy Agent
  • Height/Frame: Tall, Thin
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Details: Uncanny Valley Girl



  • Fight 3 [X]
  • Prowess 3 [X]
  • Hand-Eye 3 [X]
  • Prowl 3 [X]
  • Guile 0 [ ]
  • Hack 2 [X]


  • Charm 0 [ ]
  • Standing 0 [ ]
  • Savvy 2 [X]*
  • Trickery [ ]
  • Insight 0 [X]*
  • Scheme 0 [ ]

*Savvy training comes from Cyberbrain. Insight Training comes from Foresight.



  • 55 Hypertech Body 3
    • When the agent commits to the behavior “doing something a human can’t” they earn +2 steps to their conflict.
    • On an Opening roll result for prowess they may elect to deplete a fortune and roll it for a 4+ chance of earning a free Victory die.

Body Overhaul:

  • 15 Scarlet
    • The agent using Scarlet may deplete fortune to reroll any Opening rolls, one reroll of all dice per fortune.
    • When the agent commits to the behavior “ready for anything” they earn their steps (+1) towards an applicable contest.
  • 21 Lunar Lightwire
    • When an agent rolls an Opening on any applicable conflict using Fight, Prowess, or Prowl, they count their ability as three higher for this contest if they expend the lightwire.
  • 21 Solar Lightwire
    • When the agent commits to the perilous(+1) behavior “acting without regard to injury” they earn (+2) steps to Fight or Prowess applicable conflicts. If the agent suffers injury or a physical condition (minor or otherwise), they then treat their levels as three higher for this contest if they expend the lightwire
  • 3 Shamrock
    • It is effectively an internal form of a Reflection, and can duplicate the function of any the agent encounters.
    • The agent risks a condition called “memory loss” when triggering to copy a reflection, and it may only copy one at any given time.

NOTE: Lightwire may only be recharged by spending 3 steps of kcreds (6 kcred) from an agent’s card between contests.


  • 36 Midnight Indigo
    • The user may add their bonus steps(2) to any prowl or fight conflicts.
    • Any Shadowlink item in use within range of the agent with active Midnight Indigo will automatically detect them and can choose to cancel bonus unless the agent using Indigo elects to deplete one fortune.
    • Everyone trying to affect or contest with the user of Elfin Cloak has a 6+ chance to affect them effectively
    • Recharge 4+
  • 10 Field Silk
    • 5+ chance of hitting a unshielded area and losing its effect for this moment.
    • When the agent commits to the behavior “running and dodging”, they are immune to physical injury (respecting limitation) and gains +1 steps for contests of Fight.


  • Foresight
    • During any contest roll, may burn a fortune to say they never did that and choose a new course of action.
    • Use more than Insight in a scene leads to the condition 'distracted by dreams.'
  • Body Overhaul
    • At the end of any scene where you have seven or more fortune, you have a 4+ chance of burning one.
  • Cybrbrain
    • may deplete fortune for any Hack or Savvy rolls, up to three per roll.
  • Windfall
    • Used for the Hypertech Body 3
    • How did they come across this amazing piece of gear?
      • After a disastrous first mission, her brother, Egon Gozerian, shelled out to replace her body and mind.


  • Fortune: 9 dice (yay)
  • Injury
    • Physical*
    • Mental
    • Social

*note all physical injuries are reduced by 1 (Hypertech Body III)

  • Immunity
    • Physical 1
    • Mental 1
    • Social 1
  • Ranks
    • Agency 5
    • Mainstream 1
    • Infamy 0


  • Current: 0
  • Minimum: 0


  • CARD: 20
  • BANK: 60
  1. Favor from Ogurun (3 steps)
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