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A scene for Karbon Play Test Solaris. Scene 1, Episode 1.


Lx's agenda: Ogurun, being Mr. Genetic Code, has discovered that there are non-humans (Karbons), in his search for his desired genes. And he wants to go public.

JP as Narrator.

Mike framed the scene.


Ariel covers Inga as she confronts Ogurun, who unleashes a Think Tank, and the two escape. After all this Ogurun promises a favor to her.


<Mike_Holmes> Ogurun can be seen inside his shop from the street, working with a microscope. Nobody else is in the shop.
<Mike_Holmes> His flourescent lights flicker badly.
»» Mike_Holmes is now known as Ariel
<Ariel> “Looks like he's alone,” Ariel says over Inga's earpiece. “Time to give him a talking too, Inga.”
<&Narrator_JP> Ogurun adjusts the lens of his microscope. He makes some notes on a clearly not-stock omni, a little gem on a bracelet gracing his wrist.
»» ~Inga dons her 'elvish shield', disappearing from view.
<&Narrator_JP> His omni has some serious protection on it, just glancing over the wireless sig it has on the wire.
<&Narrator_JP> Is that a link? Is he now trying to open a call channel on the wire? Perhaps… Ogurun looks pale and rubs his eyes.
»» ~Inga walks into the store, announcing, “You've been poking around where you shouldn't, Ogurun… Again.”
<&Narrator_JP> Orugun jumps up, not sure what is going on, he didn't hear anyone come in… “What! Who… are you?” There is obvious panic in his voice. Was he hacked?
<&Narrator_JP> A call from your supervisor comes in via a secure channel on your omnis (Inga and Ariel) <Mission status? We just discovered a link attempt from Ogurun's omni and blocked it, tracing now.>
<~Inga> “That wasn't a wise move, Orugun.”
<Ariel> <Contact just initiated,> Ariel responds.
<&Narrator_JP> Ogurun: “What? WHAT DID I DO?”
<~Inga> “Does the 'K13 inversion' mean anything to you?”
<&Narrator_JP> Orugun: “How do you know that! You bet stop this hacking now!”
<~Inga> “No, You stop your hacking.”
<Ariel> <You've already got him on the ropes, Inga,> says Ariel. <Let him know he'd better hand over all his records on this. THEN we can get down to the interesting part… where he GOT the information.>
<&Narrator_JP> Orugun: *looks to the back of the shop and then back around widely* “I have protection!”
<~Inga> “
<~Inga> “Do you think we'd have made it this far if your 'protection' was any good?”
»» ~Inga casually breaks the dish under the microscope.
<&Narrator_JP> Ogurun: “YOU ARE ACTUALLY HERE!” He moves to run, and triggers some kind of ShadowLink signal, all directions and short-range.
<&Narrator_JP> Ariel who is monitoring everything, can detect a powerup in the backroom of the shop. Its a crawler model Think Tank, specific model unknown.
<~Inga> “Your Think Tank isn't going to help you this time, Ogurun.”
<Ariel> Ariel forwards the specs and location to Inga, just in case.
<&Narrator_JP> Ogurun runs for the door, scrambling over displays of modified skin and eyes.
»» ~Inga moves to stop Ogurun.
<&Narrator_JP> So I think the conflict here is to: Get Ogurun and get out? or what is Inga going to do?
<~Inga> With an alacrity borne of lightwire, Inga moves almost inhumanly. Her Elfin Cloak burns out as she intervenes, keeping Ogurun from escaping.

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