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A scene for Karbon Play Test Solaris. Scene 2, Episode 1.


JP's agenda: Egon, agent extraordinare, has a theory that the program's Lie (Mike's) is in fact a lie and is trying to sneak intelligence out of your supervisor's HQ.

Mike as Narrator.

? framed the scene.



<Narrator_Mike> The elevator to the parking garage opens up, and Mac sees Inga next to her cycle talking to a tall, lanky guy with red hair, and leather trench coat. “So what about it, Inga?” Egon asks her. “Can you give me a tour of the building? I've always wondered exactly what it is that you do. Or is it just too secret?”
<Narrator_Mike> Beside Mac is K-zon, the new transfer. Mac has been showing him around the facility.
<K-Zon> Zahn was a questionable cop, in his previous life
<K-Zon> stumbled upon stuff he shouldn't have seen
<&Mac_McGowan> Mac: “So Kay, out supervisor is kind of lax, unlike my old one. Of course, he turned out to be a Karbon infiltrator.”
»» K-Zon shakes his head.
<K-Zon> “Never can be sure of anyone, can you?”
<&Mac_McGowan> “No you can't.” Mac eyes K-Zon questioningly.
»» &Mac_McGowan then breaks into a laugh
<&Mac_McGowan> “Just kidding.”
»» &Mac_McGowan looks a lot like a jovial Santa when he laughs, his bulk clearly is not muscle.
»» K-Zon doesn't seem to get the joke.
<&Mac_McGowan> “Well… ok.”
<&Mac_McGowan> “I should take you over to Inga there, out resident living hardware showcase.” He points her out.
»» K-Zon frowns slightly.
<K-Zon> “Going to take a while to get used to this place.”
<~Inga> “Like, what are you frowning at, mister?”
<Narrator_Mike> “Come on, sis…” Egon says. “We're on the same side here, and all. You can't even show me your office?”
<K-Zon> “Having an unusual day. I'm a creature of routine.”
<Narrator_Mike> Egon notes Mac and K-zon out of the corner of his eye. Inga notes him looking.
<&Mac_McGowan> Mac runs Egon's visual through his rooted omni, trying to get an ident on him.
<~Inga> “Sorry, bro. You know I can't break regs. You're not part of my cell, so I can't show you my office.”
»» K-Zon clears his throat.
<Narrator_Mike> Egon's ID comes back. Looks like he's a sound agent from all indicators.
<K-Zon> “I know you're showing me around the place, but the parking garage doesn't seem like it needs much explanation.”
<Narrator_Mike> Egon rolls his head back, “OK, regs are regs.”
<&Mac_McGowan> Mac: “We had to start somewhere.”
<K-Zon> “You got the hots for the mannequin or what?”
<&Mac_McGowan> “Me? Hell no. You don't business and pleasure.”
<K-Zon> “Oh, so it's the guy then.”
<K-Zon> “That's fine with me, whatever cranks your whistle.”
»» &Mac_McGowan looks flustered
<&Mac_McGowan> “Hey, you want friends here man!”
<K-Zon> “Sure, you want man friends, it's all good. How 'bout we grab some coffee?”
<K-Zon> “This garage is bringing back some bad memories.”
<&Mac_McGowan> “Coffee? Who drinks that? Lets rock the cognac.”
<K-Zon> “Is that regulation or do you just not heed the regs that much?”
<Narrator_Mike> “Who are these?” Egon asks Inga, pointing to Mac and K-zon. “Friends of yours?”
<~Inga> “The cute one is,” she says. “Don't know about the ugly one.”
<&Mac_McGowan> “Regs? Whatever man, I can still get the job done, drunk or not.”
»» K-Zon smiles politely.
<&Mac_McGowan> “There is a bar on level one, since this is a public building, in theory.”
<K-Zon> “I'll stick with coffee, thanks.
<Narrator_Mike> “Introduce me?” Egon suggests.
»» K-Zon makes to go back to the elevator.
<Narrator_Mike> He pats his sister on the back to encourage her to do so. Meanwhile he's using a bit of esoteric tech to try to determine the building's security measures from whatever keys or the like might be on her.
<&Mac_McGowan> “Kay, lets see who this Egon guy is… first.”
»» K-Zon mumbles, “Heh, I knew it.”
<~Inga> “Sure, little brother,” Inga calls over to Mac. “Hey, Mac! Who's your friend? Come on over.”
»» &Mac_McGowan drags K-Zon over
<&Mac_McGowan> “It'll be uh? Fun?”
<K-Zon> “Sure…“
<~Inga> “Who's your friend, sweetie? Oh! Before I forget, Mac, this is my brother, Egon. He's the one who made sure they put me back together.”
»» K-Zon stands stiffly with a sorta-smile on his face.
<Narrator_Mike> Egon gives him a little informal salute.
<Narrator_Mike> He seems a little glazed, as the data coming in is, unbeknownst to all, taking up some of his attention.
»» ~Inga stumbles, her otherwise inhuman grace failing badly. “Ugh, I have a headache. I think someone's trying to hack into me.”
<Narrator_Mike> “You OK, Inga?” says Egon, feigning concern.
»» &Mac_McGowan starts to dive, creating locating Inga's omni and throwing barriers in front of the attacker
<Narrator_Mike> The hacker is sophisticated, but not incredibly so.
»» K-Zon frowns, gives an inner sigh, and accesses his Omni, attempting find the incoming signal and do a trace.
<Narrator_Mike> Things are falling apart for Egon. For a brief moment he considers running, but looking at Mac and especially K-zon, he knows he wouldn't get far.
<Narrator_Mike> So he digs a little deeper and tries again.
<Narrator_Mike> But with a couple of trained agent hackers on him, he really stands no chance.
<Narrator_Mike> Soon it becomes obvious to all that the signal is coming from him. He stands up straight, back against a black vehicle, and raises his hands. “I.. uh… I can explain, Inga,” he says, looking at his sister for sympathy.
»» K-Zon reaches reflexively for his sidearm, only to hot empty holster.
<K-Zon> *hit
»» ~Inga glares at Egon. “How could you?”
»» K-Zon curses and shifts position in case Egon tries to make a run for it.
»» &Mac_McGowan opens a comm to his supervisor, <Boss?>
<Narrator_Mike> “Look, Inga, I have intel that there's a very good chance that one of the supervisors in your division might have data that points to a conspiracy,” he says. “I'm trusting you with this data, under the assumption that you aren't part of that conspiracy.”
»» ~Inga decks her brother. “You ASSHOLE. If you were really going to trust me, you'd have done it BEFORE hacking my brain in.”
<Narrator_Mike> Egon rubs his chin, just lying there, propped up on one arm. “I couldn't take the chance that you were in on the conspiracy, or that you might not tip off somebody else who is.”
<Narrator_Mike> He looks at the other two.
»» K-Zon smiles and winks.
<~Inga> “IF you'd have talked to me, MAYBE nobody else would be involved. Now it's the four of us.”
<Narrator_Mike> “Do you trust these guys?” Egon asks Inga.
<~Inga> “I trust him,” she says, pointing at Mac. Then she geswtures at K-Zon. “I don't know him at all. He must be new.”
<~Inga> “But he's involved now.”
<&Mac_McGowan> “He is with me.” Mac points a thumb at K-Zon.
<Narrator_Mike> Egon looks back and forth at everyone, wondering how they will judge him.
<K-Zon> “Shouldn't we be taking this guy in for questioning or something?”
<~Inga> “Look, what say we all get some drinks and hash this all out. IF there is a conspiracy, we need to take care of it.”
<~Inga> “Look, if my brother is right and there is a conspiracy, taking him in is the last thing we should be doing. He's been comitted to the program for as long as I've known him; he wouldn't betray the program without just cause. His sister, on the other hand…“
<&Mac_McGowan> “He just HACKED you Inga!”
»» &Mac_McGowan spits
<K-Zon> “That assumes a lot, and considering what I've seen in the past couple months I'm not willing to trust that he's even who he says he is.”
<K-Zon> “So, I'm going to follow protocol, as soon as someone can tell me what that is in this situation.”
<~Inga> “What is protocol if your superiors might be hacked?”
<~Inga> Though they argue for a while, Inga at least gets Mac and K to agree to stand down until they can discuss it further with the evidence Egon has gathered.

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