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SNATCHED - Introduction

Aliens have come to invade the Earth, and what's worse is that they look like us. In this rules light Roleplaying Game come join a ragtag band of unlikely heroes in an attempt to thwart their plot. The catch: anyone might actually be an invader.


The following pages contain the rules of the game. Read them over in sequence before you play. Don't worry, they are short.


  • Sherwood - A ready-to-go setting for play. Sets the location to a fictional modern Sherwood, OR (a southern suburb of Portland).


There is a lot of inspiration for this game, as it is a common theme found in scifi literature and film. However, I'll pick the top few movies that come to my mind in no particular order of importance:

  • The Faculty: A 1998 mess of a film that is fun if you enjoy a blatant exploration of scifi tropes. A group of high school students fights off an alien invasion which snatched their Faculty.
  • The Thing: John Carpenter's paranoia masterpiece. In a remote cold base, an alien invades and begins to snatch the crew.
  • Screamers: A cult movie based on a Philip K. Dick story called The Second Variety. Man-made weapons evolve to look like people.
  • The Arrival: A pretty terrible 1996 film staring Charlie Sheen as astronomer Zane as he discovers an alien plot to terraform the earth.
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