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SNATCHED - Getting Started

In Snatched, Aliens have come to invade Earth, and what's worse is that they look like us. Come join a ragtag band of unlikely heroes in this Roleplaying Game as they an attempt to thwart the aliens plot. The catch: anyone might actually be an invader.

When you play this game, grab three or more players. Each will take turns acting as the story narrator, while one or more others play an unlikely hero in a short scene. As these scenes play out, mysteries are resolved and eventually you will determine the fate of the heroes and the world.

The following stages of play must be done in order before you start the game loop itself.


If you are playing at the table, you'll need several items:

  • A reference copy of the Code Sheets. Could be a print out or a loaded webpage on a tablet or laptop.
  • Blank paper to record information.
  • A bunch of six-sided dice to for dice pools.
  • One ten-sided die per player, or at least one to share.

If you are playing online, you'll need less:

  • An open page to the Code Sheets to reference.
  • A shared wiki page (say, on this wiki or elsewhere) to record and share information. Google doc would work too, etc.
  • Some form of die roller that supports pools of dice.

Once you have these things, just move on to the next step.

Set the Stage

During this step, you will work together to define the setting of the game. For the most part this is a brainstorming exercise, where each player can chime in with ideas. Talk these ideas over, and then decide as a group with what interests you the most. Several things need to be decided this way: The Place, The Time, The Predicament.

The Place

Where does the invasion take place? What does this place say about the invasion itself? Talk out the setting of the game between everyone. Toss out ideas, and settle on something that is interesting to all players.

Besides defining the backdrop of the game, there are some choices here that have rules attached to them. At the top of the Code Sheets you can see several choices made here affect game rules. Specifically the Total, the Privacy, and the Security. The Total describes how populated the place is, and adds mechanics which give weight to that choice. The Privacy informs you of how remote and removed the place is from the world at large. The Security tells you how safe your character feels in this place, is there law and order? Look over the tables for these and you can see the impact on the game. Setting Security low makes things far more dangerous in certain situation for example. Choosing a low Total makes is more likely random people you meet know each other, which is an advantage in certain situations.

The Time

When does the invasion take place? What does this mean for the people subject to the invasion. In addition to backdrop, primarily here we want to establish a level of Technology.

The Predicament


Spread Rumors


Describe the Group


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