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Do we allow separate combats for separated individuals if the fiction seems to suit? Allow folk to grab agro? Or just take on more damage than their compatriots? Are these checks?

SPD and Time/Movement Issues

  • Should SPD be a stat? Probably, though Dex can serve for it, if not.
  • Should SPD to count in combat adds?
  • Should movement be done concretely or abstractly? I'm thinking abstractly, especially since we're not using a minis map.
  • Should combat rounds be shorter than 2 mins? How long? Do the 10 min “turns” have any meaning?


  • Modify the number of APs downward to accellerate advancement? How much if so?
  • Are they called AP for Adventure Points or Exp for Experience Points? Or something else?
  • No APs for checks that are called for by the player? “Moves”? Or should one still get them if there's a risk?


  • Do we want to bother with setting? Mike already has ideas (Khazan), and will doubtlessly get carried away if allowed to do so.
  • What races to allow? There are many out there (including rules for half-breeds).
  • Should racial minor abilities that are listed (like elves having slightly better hearing) have game effects? This could be done easily.
  • Do humans need balancing, like the deluxe ed rule that they get a re-roll?


  • Do we want other classes than warrior and wizard? Rogue and Wizard-warrior? Others?


  • Saves are now called checks. 1
  • SPD can be increased like other stats. 2
  • No Katana special rules.
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